Best Disc Golf Drivers

The Best Disc Golf Drivers of 2023


Welcome to the exhilarating world of disc golf drivers, where the rush of wind against your face and the anticipation of a powerful throw combine to create a unique and thrilling experience. If you’re new to the sport or a seasoned player looking to up your game, you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, I will take you on a journey through the top disc golf drivers that have earned their reputation as game-changers on the fairways.

Disc golf drivers are the true powerhouse of your disc golf bag, designed to achieve maximum distance and navigate long fairways with grace and finesse. These high-speed discs are engineered to soar through the air with remarkable speed and stability, ensuring that you can tackle even the most challenging courses with confidence. Whether you’re aiming for an epic ace or seeking to fine-tune your distance throws, the drivers we’ll explore in this article have been carefully selected for their exceptional flight characteristics and performance.

As we delve into the world of disc golf drivers, you’ll discover a diverse array of options, each with its own unique qualities and flight paths. From the cannon-like throws of distance drivers to the versatile control of fairway drivers, there’s a perfect match waiting for every player, regardless of skill level. So, let’s buckle up, step onto the tee pad, and explore the best disc golf drivers that are sure to elevate your game to new heights. Get ready for a disc-throwing adventure that will have you hooked from the very first drive!

best disc golf drivers

Beginners Vs Advanced players


The disparity between beginner players and more advanced players becomes particularly apparent when it comes to using driver discs in disc golf. Drivers are specifically engineered to achieve maximum distance, but harnessing their full potential requires a level of skill and technique that may be beyond the reach of beginners. Let’s delve into the key differences between how these two groups approach and utilize driver discs:


Power and Arm Speed: One of the primary distinctions between beginners and advanced players is their arm speed and power generated during throws. Advanced players have honed their throwing mechanics, which allows them to generate more torque and velocity behind their throws. As a result, they can fully exploit the high-speed capabilities of driver discs, achieving longer flights and greater distances. On the other hand, beginners may struggle to generate enough arm speed, which can lead to a lack of control and unintended turnovers or fading shots.

Flight Path Control: Advanced players have a better grasp of how to manipulate the flight characteristics of driver discs to suit their needs. They can fine-tune their throws to achieve different flight paths, such as a smooth, straight flight, a slight turn to the right (for right-handed backhand throws), or a reliable fade at the end. This level of control allows them to navigate complex fairways with precision and confidence. For beginners, the sheer speed and stability of driver discs can be challenging to control, often resulting in erratic flights that may not align with their intended trajectory.

Disc Selection: Advanced players often carry a wide variety of driver discs in their bags, each serving a specific purpose based on the course layout, wind conditions, and desired shot shape. They have the knowledge and experience to select the most appropriate driver for each situation, maximizing their chances of success. In contrast, beginners may be overwhelmed by the extensive range of driver options available and may not fully understand which disc suits their skill level and style best.

Risk and Reward: When it comes to driver discs, the risk and reward factor is amplified. Advanced players are more willing to take calculated risks, knowing that a well-executed drive can put them in a prime position for birdie opportunities. They are accustomed to managing the potential downsides, such as the risk of overshooting the target or ending up in a challenging lie. Beginners, however, may find it safer and more comfortable to rely on slower-speed discs, like mid-ranges and putters, to minimize the chances of wayward throws.


Drivers are great discs don’t get me wrong. But, for newer players or players with slower arm speed you may need to start with a fairway driver or midrange to work on your form. Powering up to a driver takes practice and proper form to make the disc fly as it was designed. My personal recommendation for new players is to start with understable drivers which will help with getting a full flight out of a high speed disc. With that said let’s dive into my top picks!



The top 5 best disc golf drivers


  1. Top pick: Innova Destroyer

Ask any professional disc golf player and they’ll say that the Innova Destroyer is the best disc golf driver out there. One of the original discs to be created for the sport, the Destroyer has become the most popular distance driver in the world because of its accuracy, speed, and reliability on the fairway. Many of the top pros choose the Destroyer as their go to distance driver. It is listed as one of our best disc golf discs of all time for a reason.

In fact, it’s considered an all-around disc even if it’s designed to be a distance driver. The Innova Destroyer is also efficient whether you’re a backhand or sidearm thrower because it can withstand strong headwinds, and it’s especially powerful if you’re a strong thrower.

If you’re looking for a driver that’s stable, fast, and durable, the Innova Destroyer is definitely a must-have.


Innova Disc Golf Star Line Destroyer Golf Disc, 170-172gm (Colors may vary)
  • Maximum Distance
  • , Long Hyzers
  • Headwind Drives
  • Colors May Vary


  1. Runner up: Yikun FU

If you want a cheaper but still efficient alternative to the Innova Destroyer, the Yikun FU is a great choice. Dubbed an over-stable control driver, this disc has been lauded for its ability to maintain a long straight flight path with a trademark slow penetrating fade towards the finish.

This makes the Yikun FU perfect for making placement shots because of its stunning accuracy, whether you’re a forehand or backhand thrower. It’s also a smart option if you’re throwing on technical lines, and if you’re a beginner, you can use the Yikun FU as a fairway driver. This disc is also designed to withstand wear and tear and it helps to improve your confidence in throwing long-distance shots.


Yikun Disc Golf Driver | Professional PDGA Approved Discs Golf | Phoenix Star Distance Driver | 170-175g | Fairway Golf Disc Perfect for Outdoor Games and Competition
  • The Phoenix Line plastic is long-lasting and has a great, translucent appearance. The Phoenix Star blend adds extra sparkles to the mix for added appeal and often has a much more gummy feel with good grip.
  • Da’E is an ultra fast overstable driver. This is an excellent disc for advanced players looking for max distance, and works very well for forehand drives. The Da’E has a very wide rim and is the best wind fighter in the Yikun line.
  • DA'E is a stable high-speed driver with strong wind breaking ability. Its speed in the air is unmatched by other drivers. Coupled with its excellent flight stability, DA'E can easily deal with extreme windy days. The high fade of 3 ensuring the predict landing point. It is a necessary weapon for advanced players.
  • Flight Rating | Speed=13, Glide=5, Turn=0, Fade=3, Diameter=8.25in
  • PDGA APPROVED | PDGA Approved and built to standard PDGA size and weight regulation.


  1. Excellent alternative: Discraft Zeus

If you’re still looking for another alternative to the Innova brand, the Discraft Zeus is an excellent choice, especially if you’re a power thrower who wants to go for maximum distance with every throw.

In fact, disc golf great Paul McBeth chose this as his first distance driver and it has been his go-to distance drive driver ever since, so you know that the Discraft Zeus is a great disc.

Whether you’re a backhand or forehand thrower, this disc offers excellent stability and can withstand strong headwinds. But aside from its efficiency in flight, a lot of disc golf players also love the Discraft Zeus because of its excellent grip that stays consistent even if the weather’s cold and there’s moisture. If you’re looking for a disc that can maximize your arm speed, this disc is right for you.



  1. Best for beginners: Innova Champion Firebird

Are you just starting out in disc golf? The Firebird is the best control driver that you can find on the market today because of its amazing quality, incredible stability, and straight flying path that can rival those used by professionals, but is easier to use for beginners. One of Ken Climos favorite discs to throw, the firebird is an excellnt distance choice for beginners.

This disc is designed as a stable-understable control driver that’s perfect for practicing on those big throws. Since it’s very easy to handle, you can use this as your go-to disc if you need to do powerful throws as a beginner because it allows you to improve your skills.

It’s also a great disc to use if you’re looking to do big distance throws. Depending on the conditions on the field, the champ Firebird can guarantee accuracy on your shots with the right throw. Since it’s made with champion plastic, this disc also provides the utmost comfort to its user.


Innova Disc Golf Champion Firebird Disc Golf Driver – Colors Will Vary (173-175g)
  • FLIGHT RATINGS – Speed 9, Glide 3, Turn 0, Fade 4
  • BEST CHOICE FOR - Headwind drives, Flex shots, Big hyzers
  • CHAMPION FIREBIRD - The Firebird’s combination of superior speed and stability make it possible to throw drives into the wind with confidence. An excellent disc for throwing long range flex shots. A favorite of sidearm and overhead throwers, too.
  • Colors will vary


  1. Runner up for beginners: Infinite Discs Centurion

Since there’s now a huge disc shortage around the world, it’s always good to have options and the Infinite Discs Centurion is a great alternative to the Yikun Jiao.

In fact, this disc is a good first disc golf driver because it’s very easy to handle and provides an excellent glide and straight flight path.

This is a great disc if you’re still developing your throw because it can give a decent distance even if your throw is still weak. Since the Infinite Discs Centurion is an understable disc, it can still fly through a straight line even when thrown with slow arms.

It’s also easy to handle and control, so you can really find the best throwing style for you and learn how to release the disc properly. You can also use this to try different shots like the hyzer, anhyzer and straight.


Infinite Discs | Centurion | Precision Disc Golf Control Driver | I-Blend (Orange, 173-176 Grams)
  • Control driver that is suitable to all skill levels
  • The Centurion is a straight flying fairway driver. It has easy to throw tendencies for the beginner, and capable of a variety of lines in the hands of an advanced player.
  • I-Blend is an affordable plastic that offers a similar feel to premium plastic.
  • Flight Numbers: Speed 7, Glide, 5, Turn -1, Fade 1.5
  • Stamp color & color shade may vary


How to choose the right disc golf driver


When it comes to disc golf drivers, you’ll have so many options out there. But aside from considering the disc’s brand, price, and quality, it’s also very important to think about these factors that will help you decide on the right disc for your needs:

  • Weight


The weight of a disc has been proven to play a huge factor in its speed and flight. For instance, world record holder Simon Lizotte set his records using two discs with different weights and they recorded different speeds.


The first world record was set at 89.5 mph using a 130-gram Innova Wraith and the second world record was set at 95 mph using a 110-gram Guts. While the same person threw these discs, the weight played a huge factor in releasing a higher velocity, thus, producing faster disc speed.


  • Speed and arm strength


The speed of your disc will depend highly on your ability to throw it, so it’s very important to choose a disc driver that will fit your arm speed and throwing power. This will help you maximize the efficiency of your disc golf driver with every throw. For instance, if you use a high-speed driver and you have weak arms, it will not give you as much efficiency as compared to using a low-speed driver.


  • Type


There are different types of disc golf drivers depending on your skill level, type of throw, and efficiency. If you’re a beginner, make sure to try different types of drivers—stable control drivers, distance drivers, understable drivers, and overstable drivers—to know exactly what type of driver will suit your style best.



And there you have it, the ultimate guide to the best disc golf drivers that have captured the hearts of players everywhere. From the moment you grip these drivers in your hands and feel the excitement building up for that powerful throw, you’ll understand why they’ve earned their esteemed status.

As you embark on your disc golf journey or look to enhance your skills, remember that the driver you choose can make a world of difference in your game. Whether you’re seeking out max distance, a reliable fade, or precision control, the discs on our list have proven their worth time and time again. But don’t be afraid to experiment and try out different drivers that may suit your unique style and abilities.

Keep in mind that the best disc golf drivers are not just about raw power or distance, but also about finding that perfect balance between distance potential and control. Developing a strong relationship with your drivers is a process of trust and understanding. With practice and perseverance, you’ll find the disc that becomes an extension of yourself on the course.

As you dive deeper into the world of disc golf drivers, remember the key factors we discussed – flight characteristics, versatility, durability, and comfortable grip. And don’t forget to seek out feedback and reviews from fellow players who have firsthand experience with these flying wonders.

Ultimately, the joy of disc golf lies not just in the discs we throw but in the friendships we forge, the moments of triumph, and the shared love for the game. So, let’s continue to embrace the spirit of camaraderie, support each other’s growth, and celebrate every exhilarating throw that defies gravity and glides towards the basket.

With determination, passion, and a trusty driver in your hand, may your disc golf adventures be filled with unforgettable moments, incredible shots, and countless smiles. Whether you’re playing for fun, competition, or simply enjoying the great outdoors, may the disc golf drivers you choose elevate your game and add an extra dose of excitement to your disc golf journey. Happy discing, and may your discs always fly true!



I have been playing disc golf for over 15 years. I love sharing my passion for disc golf with others. I created golfswingguru to share my knowledge of the sport and community I love. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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