Top 5 Best Disc Golf Carts

Top 5 Disc Golf Carts

Best Disc Golf Carts



You might be hesitant to consider using disc golf carts when playing the sport of disc golf. Perhaps you would think that these are only intended for intensely serious disc golf players. Well, that might not always be the case because it is more than just a cart for hauling stuff around the disc golf course.


As a matter of fact, disc golf carts provide a lot of benefits for disc golfers and aspiring enthusiasts looking to level up their game and eventually have more fun on the disc golf course with others.


Reasons why you should consider using disc golf carts


There are actually many reasons why you need to use disc golf carts. So, it is not just for show or for the fun of it but there are also things that can justify this trend among disc golf players.


  • When you are older


There is no age limit when it comes to playing the game of disc golf. The same goes when you are going to consider disc golf carts. Basically, the disc golf cart enables you to relax and stay that way because it can actually take the load of the disc golf bag off of your body.


So, when older disc golf players consider playing the game, it provides some benefits provided by the disc golf cart as it eases the burden from your shoulders while walking around the disc golf course.


  • It provides comfort


Needless to say, the use of a disc golf cart is for anyone to benefit from the comfort that it can provide. For instance, instead of dragging the full weight of your bag around as you play the game on the disc golf course, you can consider the comfort that disc golf carts provide.


  • Improves your game


When you drag around the full weight of the bags when you play the game, it can actually affect your performance by draining your energy and stamina as you go around. Thus, it can take its toll on your game and eventually provides a stressful impact.


Having a disc golf cart can make all that disappear and in return provides the much-needed concentration to the game. In fact, having a disc golf cart can actually help you enhance the way you play disc golf.


  • Hold more stuff


The use of disc golf carts can also aid you in carrying more items particularly when you need to carry more loads. So even if you carry around a fully-loaded bag around the disc golf course, you will have no problem for as long as you have a disc golf cart with you.


  • Built-in seats


Most of the disc golf carts have a built-in seat on which you will find convenience for a more comfy ride. Despite having a tough round, you can easily have a quick rest in between rounds with the help of a disc golf cart.


  • Play more seriously


This actually depends on how you consider your game when you reach another level of gameplay. Owning a disc golf cart should provide motivation so that you will take your game more seriously. Since you are investing more in your game, you will eventually consider it a serious business.



Top 5 Best Disc Golf Carts



  1. Rovic RV1D 3-wheel disc golf cart


Rovic RV1D 3-Wheel Disc Golf Push Cart | Fits All Disc Golf Backpacks (Charcoal/Lime)
  • BUILT FOR DISC GOLF – Universal bag hooks designed specifically to accommodate dual strap disc golf bags making your discs easily accessible. No more carrying heavy packs or bending down to select your disc. NOTE: RV1D Cart is designed for DISC GOLF ONLY and WILL NOT work with regular golf bags
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE – Aluminum tubing and maintenance-free airless tires enables the RV1D to tackle any terrain
  • COMPACT – Easily folds down to a size of 13” x 15” x 24” for easy storage and transportation
  • FULLY LOADED – Features storage console, parking hand-brake, umbrella mount, and XL cup holder
  • OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES – Several additional accessories are available and sold separately including seat, cooler bag, umbrella angle adjuster, wheel cover, and so much more


The thing that you might like about this item is its lightweight design with huge rear wheels and resilient aluminum tubing for a more convenient ride with any terrain. Moreover, it offers durability, aside from the many likable features.




  1. MVP Rover disc golf cart




The notable feature of this product is its extendable design that reaches up to 51 inches in length. It is designed to literally take the weight off of your shoulders and walk freely without any burden to carry along.


Aside from that, you will also like the handle that can easily detach from the cart aside from the solid construction. Most of all, it is compact in size and a budget-friendly option to consider.



  1. Bigger Mighty Max personal dolly



One of the most popular disc golf carts in the market is one from Bigger Mighty Max. It basically offers multi-functional features to help you while you play disc golf. The frames are also made out of aluminum materials capable of some heavy lifting despite having a lightweight design.



  1. Dynamic Discs backpack disc golf cart



This disc golf cart enables you to exert less effort while rolling on all-terrain tubeless foam tires keeping it smooth on rough terrains as well as plain surfaces.


Most of all, it helps you avoid back and shoulder strain while giving you a comfy way of enjoying your game. Its removable wheels offer more compact storage capability, while the gear platform offers a way to carry the additional load.



  1. Gotta Go Gotta Throw disc golf cart



The lightweight design of this disc golf cart is made of heavy-duty aluminum materials providing comfort and ease while you make your way around the course.


It’s time to reduce the load off your shoulders and allow your trusted companion to do all the lifting for you. Moreover, it provides a comfortable grip and huge wheels for easy maneuvering on any terrain possible.




Buyer’s guide for the best disc golf carts


You should have your own way to consider when buying the best disc golf cart along with your budget. But aside from the budget, there are also other factors that deserve your attention.


  • Cartwheels


There are between 2- and 4-wheeled options when you ought to buy a disc golf cart to accompany you in your rounds. Although the 4-wheeled carts are more comfortable and convenient, there are also 2- and 3-wheeled varieties that can equally provide balance when having proper support.


  • Portability


It is important to consider disc golf carts that are lightweight and easy to carry. You can research for such items from manufacturers who understand the importance of portability when it comes to playing disc golf.


  • Foldable handles


Most disc golf carts have foldable handles with smooth and easy folding features. But it is also worth noting the convenience with push button options for a more convenient operation. Having automatic features should be a game-changer providing a more comfortable way of carrying your pushcart around if necessary.


  • Storage capacity


It is also more convenient for the disc golf player to have different options when using disc golf carts. Such might include more storage capacity as well as pre-installed accessories holders like a bottle holder, mobile device holder, and umbrella holder, among others to provide ease when using a disc golf cart.


You can start to invest in the best disc golf carts to reach a new level of comfort while you enjoy the game of disc golf with family or friends on any disc golf course. There are lots of trusted brands in the market that offer comfort as well as lightweight features.


If you want to buy a portable disc golf cart today, regardless if you are a beginner or a pro, it is important to understand the value in investing in good quality disc golf carts that will make disc golf a more enjoyable and stress-free game than any other sport.



I have been playing disc golf for over 15 years. I love sharing my passion for disc golf with others. I created golfswingguru to share my knowledge of the sport and community I love. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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