Best Disc Golf Accessories

Best Disc Golf Accessories


As disc golf becomes more popular with the masses, more products are brought to market. Disc golf has quickly grown from just needs the correct discs for a round to many other types of products to help with your game. When first starting out in disc golf, having a few discs will certainly get you by. As your game progresses and you have the need for more equipment, there are quite a number of options available. We have put together a list of the best disc golf accessories for the course.


15 Common disc golf accessories


If you are reading this article I will assume you are here looking for different types of accessories for your disc golf game. Before we get into some great product recommendations lets first look at the different types of accessories a disc golfer can use.


  • Disc golf bag: A bag to carry and organize your discs.

disc golf bag


  • Mini marker disc: A small disc used to mark the spot where your throw landed.

Mini Marker Disc


  • Disc golf cart: A cart to easily transport your discs and other equipment around the course.

Buy Disc Golf Cart Anaconda/Gray Bag - ZÜCA


  • Disc golf gloves: Specialized gloves designed to improve your grip on the disc.

Friction Gloves - Disc Golf Gloves -


  • Disc golf shoes: Shoes with specialized soles to provide better traction on the course.

PUMA Men's Ignite Fasten8 Disc Golf Shoe, High Rise Silver-Quiet Shade



  • Scorecards and pencils: Used to keep track of your score on each hole.

Disc Golf Scorecard Frisbee Golf Scorecard Printable PDF - Etsy




  • Water bottle: Stay hydrated on the course with a water bottle.

Disc Golf Birdie Chance Stainless Steel Water Bottle Disc - Etsy



  • Towel: A towel can be useful for drying off your hands or wiping down your discs. INNOVA DewFly Microsuede Disc Golf Towel - Orange : Sports & Outdoors




  • Extra discs: It’s always a good idea to have a few extra discs on hand in case you lose one on the course.

Disc Golf Discs — Hermit Thrush Brewery



  • Disc golf lights: If you like to play at night, lights can be helpful for illuminating the course.

LED Disc golf lights



  • Disc Retrievers: For discs thrown in water or out of reach a range finder will help you get your disc back

Rogue Iron Sports Disc Golf Retriever Pole Telescoping Disc Golf Accessories Grabber 16 inches to 16ft :



  • Bag Tags: Small tags that are decorative on your bag

Disc Golf Bag Tags -



  • Umbrellas: In case of rain a small umbrella is always a good thing to have

Discraft Buzzz Golf Umbrella |



  • Range Finder: Range finders are becoming more popular in giving you correct distances on the course

Sport 850 Disc Golf Laser Rangefinder | Bushnell



  • Med Kit: Having a small med kit with supplies in case of an accident on the course.

First Aid Kit – ProActive Disc Golf



  • Chalk Bag: Increase your grip with a chalk or rosin bag. On hot days hands get sweaty a chalk bag helps with grip and performance


FLX-SHOT DISC GOLF Chalk Bag | Better Than Traditional Rosin & Sawdust Bags



Top Rated Disc Golf Accessories


Bushnell Edge Disk Golf Laser Rangefinder, Accurate Range Finding for Disc Golf with Slope, Waterproof Design and Pinseeker Technology
  • READS ELEVATION, RAISES ACCURACY - Bushnell’s exclusive Z-mode technology instantly reads elevation change at the hole relative to the player’s position. Engineered for supreme confidence in every throw.
  • MEASURES IN FEET AND METERS - For faster reference during competition. Every mode you need and none of the modes you don't.
  • FAST RANGING WITH SCAN MODE - Updates range 4x per second for fast, reliable ranging across all distances on a hole. Great for understanding the distance of elements around the fairway and the basket quickly.
  • EASY TO USE, ONE BUTTON DESIGN - Only a single button is required to operate the Edge. Press once to power and again to range once. Holding the button down when powering on will allow you to change from feet to meters.
  • 2X BRIGHTER FOR DIM CONDITIONS - 50% larger objective lens paired with an all-glass optical system bring more light to your eye for a brighter image in dark environments, like heavily wooded courses.


Disc Golf Retriever Pole Longest Length 18 FEET, Stainless Steel Accessory Telescopic Fits in Bag, Lightweight, Disc Golf Grabber Accessories with Hook
  • TELESCOPING DISC GOLF RETRIEVER - This is the one of the longest retrievers out there, measuring over 18 feet with your arm length!
  • COMPACT - Will fit in most disc golf bags, this retriever extends all the way down to 18" when collapsed
  • WATERPROOF - Made of stainless steel, this will not rust when used in water
  • ATTACHMENTS - 4 Different attachments are included!
  • COMPATIBILITY - Works with any type of disc golf out there!


MVP Disc Golf Flat LED Tri-lite Disc Golf Lights (Pack of 10) (Blue)
  • Micro design for easy attachment
  • Multiple color options
  • Easy press and click button saves battery between uses
  • Auto-cycling color feature


Disc Golf Chalk Bag | Attaches to Bag with a Carabiner | Better Than Rosin & Sawdust Bags | Improve Your Grip for Consistency | Disc Golf Accessories for Men | Disc Grip Enhancer (Paint Streaks)
  • WHAT IS A FLX-SHOT CHALK BAG? – The FLX-Shot Chalk Bag is a chalk bag grip enhancer for Disc Golf and other sports. It helps absorb some moisture from your sweaty hands, and gives increased grip
  • INCREASE YOUR GRIP – Chalk will dry your hands while also giving you an increased grip. It creates a small layer on the disc and therefore adds more friction to the throw. Everyone knows that one of the biggest struggles of a disc golfer is trying to throw slippery plastic while your hands are sweaty or wet from the rain! Combine the hand chalk bag with a towel during heavy rain to ensure that you stay unaffected
  • THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS - A unique aspect of chalk, when compared to other traditional filaments such as rosin and sawdust, is that it will not make your hands extremely tacky like rosin but it also dries your hand more than sawdust while not leaving as much residue
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL – Hyzer Hound disc golf chalk bags are all handmade in the USA using high-quality material. We stand by the quality of our bags. Every bag will have a slightly different pattern so your bag will always be 100 unique
  • EASILY ATTACH TO ANY BAG OR CART – All of our chalk bags are designed with a heavy-duty carabiner so that you can clip it to your bag or cart. Never lose a chalk bag again by it falling out of a pocket or from leaving it on a tee pad. It is super easy to clip and unclip if you need to swap bags or share the love with your disc golfing buddies


MVP Disc Sports Voyager Lite Backpack Disc Golf Bag (Slate)
  • MVP VOYAGER LITE - Durable Disc Golf backpack bag designed for use with the MVP Rover Disc Golf Cart.
  • HOLDS 20-22 Discs - With a huge main compartment, and additional Putter Pockets.
  • EXPANDABLE STORAGE - Two side zippered storage pockets and 2 Large Drink Holders
  • HEAVY DUTY - 900D Polyester outer shell for increased durability
  • WARRANTY - Protected with a Limited Lifetime Warranty


FlighTowel Disc Golf Towel | Microfiber Cloth with Real Innova Destroyer Disc Attached | Resistance Pocket for Disc Golf Warm-up | Prevent Injuries and Gain Strength (Colors Will Vary) (Right-Handed)
  • WHAT IS FLIGHTOWEL - FlighTowel is created specifically for disc golf players. It features an amazing microfiber towel that allows disc golfers to warm-up their arm before they throw.
  • A REAL DISC FOR WARMING UP - FlightTowel has a built in resistance pocket and fob made from a real disc. This means you can warm up safely with the feel of a real disc in your hand!
  • SIMPLE TO USE - Using it to warm-up is simple. Grip the disc golf disc (fob) like you would hold a normal, then go through your normal throwing routine. A great addition to anyone's disc golf bag.
  • PREVENT INJURY - Use the towel to warm-up your arm before you throw. This will help you to not injure your arm, back and more by throwing when your muscles are still cold.
  • TEST YOUR FORM - When using FlighTowel, you will feel resistance pocket from the bottom pocket on the towel when your form is coming down the right line. Remember that slow is smooth, smooth is far!





Disc golf accessories are not required by any means. If you are looking to add some extra equipment to your disc golf repertoire these accessories are a great choice. Each has its own use and application, and will hopefully give you some ideas of additional equipment you can add to your game. If you think we left anything out, let us know in the comments below!




I have been playing disc golf for over 15 years. I love sharing my passion for disc golf with others. I created golfswingguru to share my knowledge of the sport and community I love. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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