Best Disc Golf Fairway Drivers Compared

Top Disc Golf Fairway Drivers

Best Disc Golf Fairway Drivers


Hey there, fellow disc golf enthusiasts! If you’re anything like me, you know that there’s nothing quite like the thrill of stepping up to the tee, taking a deep breath, and launching your favorite fairway driver through the air with precision and finesse. As a passionate disc golfer, I’ve spent countless hours on the course, experimenting with various discs to find the ones that truly elevate my game. And let me tell you, when it comes to fairway drivers, they can make all the difference in your performance!

In this article, I’ll be sharing my top picks for the best disc golf fairway drivers that have not only transformed my own game but are also highly regarded by players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started on your disc golf journey, having the right fairway driver in your arsenal can significantly impact your distance, accuracy, and overall enjoyment on the course.

Join me as we delve into the world of fairway drivers, exploring their unique features, flight characteristics, and the type of throws they excel in. By the end of this article, I hope you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and excitement to try out these incredible discs and experience the sheer joy of nailing those fairway shots like never before. So grab your favorite disc, lace up those shoes, and let’s dive into the captivating world of disc golf fairway drivers!


What is a Disc Golf Fairway Driver?

Before we get to the best disc golf fairway drivers list, let us give a little overview of disc golf fairway drivers. For the benefit of those who have just started playing disc golf, a fairway driver is a faster disc with more aerodynamics (the way objects move through the air) compared to a mid-range disc.

A fairway driver is more capable of maintaining a higher speed than a mid-range but is more controllable than a distance driver.

For the physical attributes, fairway drivers have a rounded edge, wider shape, and smaller rim, giving newbies and players with small hands that comfortable grip.

Fairway drivers are the discs of choice for players who have mastered control and accuracy but want to add more distance to their disc golf games. Fairway drivers cover the ground that a mid-ranger cannot do, the default disc in terms of control and accuracy for longer shots.


Top 5 Best Disc Golf Fairway Drivers


  • Latitude 64 River


With speed, a straight flight plan, and glide, Latitude 64 River will never disappoint.

This fairway driver has a 7 glide rating, something not many disc golf discs have. Due to its astounding glide, River was one of the most popular discs in the last decade. The disc is easy to control and is designed to fit players of all power and skill levels.

The River helps beginners achieve a little distance with less power. It can keep a straight line with very little fade, making the disc a staple in every newbie’s bag. If you are just starting out and with slow arm speed, you can always rely on the River.

The disc stays on whatever line you put it on given that you release it at the right angle. Get yourself, your friends, or your loved ones a River if you want a disc that keeps soaring with very little effort while it feels solid and comfortable in the hand.


  • Innova Leopard 3


Innova Champion Leopard3 170-175g(Colors will vary)
  • Innova Champion Leopard3 170-175g
  • Speed 7, Glide 5, Turn -2, Fade 1
  • Plastic: Champion
  • Colors Will Vary


Leopard 3 is the ultra-popular Innova golf disc that has a flatter top than the regular Leopard to give it more speed and stability. The disc is easy to throw regardless if you are a beginner or an intermediate player. And as long as the player knows how to manipulate its flight, Innova Leopard 3 can be thrown smoothly or harder.

Leopard 3 flies straight and can maintain its angle all the way. Throw it smooth and it will fly very straight. In the hands of a skilled disc golf player, the Leopard 3 can fly overstable. It is versatile and can be manipulated for more fun. Although it says it can accommodate all skill levels, Leopard 3 is for advanced players to get the more desired effects.


  • Innova Teebird


Innova - Champion Discs Teebird Golf Disc 165-169gm (Colors will vary)
  • Best Choice for: Accurate fairway drives, Utility driver, Flex shots
  • Excellent for pin-point accuracy or distance, most accurate and reliable driver, preferred fairway driver of 12 time world champion Ken Climo.
  • Speed 7, Glide 5, Turn 0, Fade 2
  • In Champion plastic that provides outstanding performance and durability
  • Colors Will Vary


The Innova Teebird is one of the best disc golf fairway drivers because of its stability and consistency. It may not be the fastest disc but Teebird is considered the standard for disc comparisons. So when you say fairway drivers, Teebird will always be on the list. Or other brands would always be compared to Innova Teebird.

Casual and serious disc golf players prefer the Teebird for approach shots from the fairway because it is accurate. As mentioned, the disc’s speed may be slow but it can fly fast and far with proper technique.

With that, the Teebird is best recommended to those who have played a few rounds of disc golf. With technique and mastery, the Teebird will help you get the best results.


  • Dynamic Discs Felon



DD’s Felon is a must-have if you need a reliable wind-fighting fairway disc.

Dynamic Discs Felon has a nice touch to the hand because of its not-too-deep and not-too-shallow rim depth perfect for forehand or backhand grip and to produce that desired flight. It has a light domey-feel to it for more glide than other discs in the 9-speed overstable category.

The disc is not for beginners it needs more power to send it far or else it will dive to the ground. In a pro’s hands, the Felon will continue to sail without turning over. Felon is your reliable overstable driver for longer approach shots, hyzer shots, and other varieties of shots.


Tips For Choosing the Right Fairway Driver

Choosing the right fairway driver disc is a pivotal decision that can significantly impact your performance on the disc golf course. With a plethora of options available, it’s essential to consider several key factors to ensure you find the perfect disc that complements your playing style and arm speed.

First and foremost, consider your skill level and experience in disc golf. If you’re a beginner or have a slower arm speed, opt for fairway drivers with a lower speed rating. These discs are easier to control and will provide you with more consistent flights, allowing you to build confidence and accuracy as you improve your technique.

Next, take a close look at the disc’s flight ratings, typically indicated by a combination of numbers, such as 7, 5, -1, 2. These numbers represent speed, glide, turn, and fade, respectively. Speed refers to how fast the disc can fly, glide measures its ability to maintain lift, turn indicates its tendency to curve to the right (for right-handed backhand throws) during the initial part of the flight, and fade represents its tendency to curve to the left at the end of the flight. Understanding these ratings will help you choose a disc that suits your throwing style and the specific shot shapes you aim to achieve.

It’s also essential to take note of the disc’s plastic type. Different plastics can significantly impact a disc’s flight characteristics. Premium plastics tend to be more durable and have a consistent flight, while baseline plastics may wear out more quickly but can offer more grip. Experiment with various plastics to find the one that feels comfortable in your hand and suits your playing environment.

Furthermore, consider the weather conditions you frequently encounter on the course. Wind can have a profound effect on disc flight, so having a fairway driver that can handle headwinds or crosswinds can be advantageous. Some fairway drivers are designed to be more stable, making them better suited for windy conditions, while others are more understable, providing excellent performance in calm weather.

Lastly, and most importantly, get hands-on with the discs you’re considering. Visit your local disc golf shop or borrow discs from fellow players to test them out on the field. A disc that works well for someone else might not be the best fit for you. Pay attention to how the disc feels in your hand, how it releases from your grip, and how it flies on various shot types. Trust your instincts and go with the disc that feels like a natural extension of your game.




As you venture forth on your disc golf journey armed with your newly acquired knowledge on selecting the right fairway driver disc, remember that this is just the beginning of an exciting and ever-evolving experience. Disc golf is a sport of constant learning and improvement, and your choice of fairway driver can evolve alongside your skills. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different discs as you progress, as your throwing style and arm speed may change over time.

One of the beautiful aspects of disc golf is the camaraderie and community that surrounds it. Embrace the opportunity to connect with other players, both seasoned veterans and fellow newcomers. Share your experiences, ask for advice, and learn from one another. The disc golf community is incredibly welcoming, and you’re sure to find support and encouragement to help you excel in your game.

As you head to the course with your newly selected fairway driver, approach each throw with enthusiasm and a willingness to embrace the joy of the game. Be patient with yourself, celebrate your successes, and learn from any challenges you encounter. Disc golf is about more than just throwing discs; it’s about enjoying the great outdoors, building lasting friendships, and challenging yourself to grow both as a player and as an individual.

So, whether you’re exploring local courses, participating in friendly competitions, or simply enjoying a laid-back round with friends, may your fairway driver become a trusted companion in your disc golf adventures. And most importantly, have fun! Embrace the laughter, the occasional bad throw, and the thrill of those perfect shots. May the fairways be kind, the putts be true, and may your disc golf journey be filled with memories that will last a lifetime. Happy disc golfing!


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