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Best Disc Golf Gloves

Best Disc Golf Gloves: Improve your grip and control


Disc golf gloves can be a helpful accessory for players who want to improve their grip on the disc. These gloves often have a special material on the palm that helps to increase traction and prevent the disc from slipping out of the hand. They may also have additional padding to help protect the hand and reduce fatigue during play. Some players prefer to wear gloves to help them get a consistent, comfortable grip on the disc, while others may only wear them in certain weather conditions or when playing on particularly rough or challenging courses. Whether or not to wear a disc golf glove is a personal preference, and many players find that they are able to throw just as accurately and effectively without one.


Top 4 Best Disc Golf Gloves Compared


With disc golf being such a new sport there are currently only a few options for disc golf gloves. These are the top gloves on the market and all offer improved grip and comfortable fits.



Friction Gloves – Disc Golf Gloves: This glove has a breathable design and padded palms to help reduce fatigue during play. It also has a Velcro closure for a customizable fit.


Friction Gloves - Disc Golf Gloves - Rubberized Palm and Fingers for Amazing Grip on All Your Throws - Perfect for Driving & Putting - Play Your Best in Any Weather - Adult Medium
  • Rubberized Grip for Your Throws: Friction disc golf gloves feature rubberized palms and fingers to give you a great grip in ALL conditions. They are fantastic for playing in wet, cold, dusty, or humid conditions. Maintain a steady hold in any weather. Perfect for drives and putts
  • For Players At Every Level: All over the world, disc golfers at every level play with Friction Gloves. From recreational to PDGA Pros, our disc golf sports gloves are terrific for upping your game. Play your best during wet & cold rounds
  • BETTER THROWS: Rubberized Grip allows you to have a great grip on the disc, improving your throws. They are perfect for all throws during a round, from long drives to C2 Putts.
  • PERFECT GIFT: Give this as an ideal gift for that special someone who loves playing disc golf. It's the ultimate all-weather hand grip for disc golf no matter the outdoor weather conditions. Enhance their game all while putting a smile on their face!
  • ABOUT THE BRAND: Friction Gloves is the company that introduced gloves into disc golf. From league players to PDGA pros, disc golf players of every level play with Friction Gloves. We live and breathe the sport and are passionate about our gloves. We strive for superior customer service and can help you with any questions or concerns.


Layout Ultimate Frisbee Gloves: This lightweight, breathable glove has a padded palm to help absorb shock and improve grip. It also has a Velcro closure for a secure fit.


Layout Ultimate Frisbee Gloves - Ultimate Grip and Friction to Enhance Your Game! Perfect for Ultimate, DG and All Disc Sports! (Black, Small)
  • Balanced all-weather control for handling and catching: rain, shine, snow, sleet, the 'Ultimate Grip' for any weather condition!
  • Synthetic leather palm for durability against turf, grass, mud & more, extremely durable grip that will not rip!
  • The Flick-Grip technology (added grip to middle finger) will give you more control over your flicks with added spin to further distance and sharpen accuracy!
  • More grip = more rotation on release which can improve accuracy, speed and distance of your throw, perfect for Ultimate or any disc sport
  • Light-weight material with breathable back keeps your hands cool and prevents gloves from becoming water-logged with rain or sweat


Seibertron F.O.D.G.G 2.0 Ultimate Flying Disc Golf Gloves : This high-performance glove has a padded palm and fingers to help reduce fatigue and improve grip. It also has a breathable mesh back and a Velcro closure for a customizable fit.


Seibertron F.O.D.G.G 2.0 Ultimate Flying Disc Golf Gloves - Non-Slip Design Consistent Grip Improve Throws Catches in All Conditions Adult Black M
  • Method for choosing the size,According to palm circumference excluding thumb,refer to left size chart. Centimeter data has less deviation than inch data
  • Adult XS(6.7"-7.1",17cm-18cm);Adult S(7.1"-7.7",18cm-19.5cm);Adult M(7.7"-8.3",19.5cm-21cm);Adult L(8.3"-8.9",21cm-22.5cm);Adult XL(8.9"-9.5",22.5cm-24cm);Adult XXL(9.5"-10",24cm-25.5cm)
  • TPR wrist closure with concave-convex surface provides anti-slip function for hook and loop opening and closing easily;Reinforced thumb crotch using rough material can provides long using life and prevents gloves tearing off.
  • Reinforcemnt on ten finger tips can effectively prevent gloves tearing;Extra reinforced palm material enhances grip power in all conditions (particularly in wet and slippery disc surface to provide best control of disc for throwing and catching with better accuracy, more spin and longer throws.
  • Gaps between finger joints increase dexterity dramatically when fingers bending;Double Nylon threads stitching offers better abrasion resistant ability and extend using life much longer.


Ultimate Flying disc Gloves: This lightweight, breathable glove has a padded palm to help absorb shock and improve grip. It also has a Velcro closure for a secure fit.


Ultimate Flying disc Gloves Ultimate Grip and Disc Gloves Breathable Non-Slip Sport Cycling Golf Glove, Improve Throws & Catches 1 Pair
  • Designed by the player, this ultimate glove gives you the flexibility to control the disc for throwing and catching. It is very light, only 70g and even makes you forget to wear gloves.
  • Suitable for grasping and catching in all weather conditions (such as rain, snow, sleet). Suitable for Flying disc, cycling, sports, work, driving, golf, housework, can be washed and dried.
  • Gloves use of non-slip silicone material for durability against turf, grass, mud & more, more rotation on release which can improve accuracy, speed and distance of your throw, perfect for ultimate flying disc or any disc sport.
  • These ultimate gloves are thickened between the thumb and forefinger. The back of the gloves is made of breathable material, the thumb is made of sweat-absorbent material, and it can be used as a sweat-absorbent towel.
  • Additional Features: Fingertip touch screen - You can easily use your phone when you wear the gloves without take it off.



Benefits To Disc Golf Gloves


There are several potential benefits to wearing disc golf gloves:


  • Improved grip: The special material on the palms of disc golf gloves can help to increase traction and prevent the disc from slipping out of the hand. This can be especially helpful in wet or humid conditions, or on discs that are worn or beat in.


  • Hand protection: Some gloves have padding on the palms or fingers that can help to reduce fatigue and protect the hand from impact when catching or throwing the disc.


  • Consistency: Wearing a glove can help some players to get a consistent, comfortable grip on the disc, which may lead to more accurate and consistent throws.


  • Improved control: A glove can also help to absorb some of the shock when catching the disc, which can make it easier to control and throw accurately.


  • Personal preference: Some players simply prefer the feel of a glove, and may find that it helps them to play more comfortably and confidently.


It’s worth noting that while gloves can be a helpful accessory for some players, they are not necessary for everyone, and many players are able to throw accurately and effectively without them.



As we reach the end of our journey through the world of disc golf gloves, I hope you now have a clearer understanding of how these seemingly simple accessories can make a world of difference in your game. From improving grip and control to protecting your hands from the elements, the best disc golf gloves are more than just an optional add-on – they are an essential tool for any serious player.

As you head out to the course, donning your chosen disc golf glove, you’ll feel the difference in every throw and putt. The confidence that comes from a secure grip and a comfortable fit can elevate your performance and help you tackle those challenging shots with newfound precision.

Whether you opt for a lightweight, breathable glove for those hot summer rounds or a more insulated option for colder weather play, investing in the right disc golf glove is an investment in your own playing experience.

So, next time you step up to the tee pad, let your trusty disc golf glove be a symbol of your dedication to the sport and your commitment to honing your skills. Enjoy the feel of the plastic in your hand, the sound of chains singing, and the sense of community shared with fellow disc golfers.

May your rounds be filled with moments of triumph and personal bests, and may your disc golf glove be a constant companion on your path to disc golf greatness. Happy throwing, and may every shot be true! See you on the fairways!

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