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Hey there, fellow disc golfers! Let’s talk about one of the most frustrating moments on the course – losing a beloved disc! We’ve all been there, and trust me, it’s a real bummer. But fear not! There’s a hero that can come to your rescue – the trusty disc golf retriever! Whether you’re a seasoned disc golfer with a bag full of discs or a newbie just starting out, having a reliable retriever by your side can be a game-changer.

I get it – the joy of that perfect throw and seeing your disc soar through the air is unbeatable! But when it takes an unexpected turn into a thick patch of bushes or lands with an unfortunate splash in a water hazard, having a retriever can save the day. No more bidding farewell to your favorite discs – it’s time to reclaim them and keep them safely in your bag where they belong!

In this article, we’ll embark on a journey together to discover the best disc golf retrievers out there. From telescopic poles that extend to reach those hard-to-reach spots to nifty floating devices that effortlessly scoop up discs from the water, these retrievers come with some pretty cool features to help you recover your discs like a pro.

I know how frustrating it can be to lose a disc, but with the right retriever, you can turn those moments of panic into a triumphant disc-saving mission. So, let’s dive in and explore these fantastic tools, learn about their perks, and find the perfect disc golf retriever that suits your needs. Get ready to save your discs and make every round on the course an adventure worth remembering!

Why Do You Need a Disc Golf Retriever?


Most disc golf courses have natural or manmade obstacles, such as lakes, wooded areas, and a collection of signposts intentionally placed in front of a basket. And, as previously mentioned, even if you do your best to avoid these obstacles when aiming for the holes, your putter, midrange, or driver won’t always land where you want it to.

Some courses also have wild animals residing on the landscape and you want to do your best not to disturb these non-human locales. You know you don’t want to fight with a grumpy alligator for your prized fairway driver!

Even PDGA champions and long-time disc golf pros fall victim to the disc-in-the-poison-ivy situation. That is why a smart player will invest in a reliable disc golf retriever. This tool will help you rescue your hard-to-reach runaway putter, driver, or midrange and avoid potentially dangerous and funny situations.

Well, funny to your friends who see you accidentally fall into the pond in your futile attempt to save your disc golf disc.


Types of Disc Golf Retrievers


Your renegade putter could end up high on a tree, in a clump of poisonous shrubs, or in the middle of a lake. No matter the situation, there is a certain type of disc golf retriever that can make it easier for you to collect your disc.


There are two main types of disc golf retrievers:


  1. Pole Retriever – This pole serves as an extension of your arm and can reach up to several feet in length with some going about 20 feet. Before or after using it, you can retract it and pack it neatly into your disc golf bag. It has a type of hook or grabber attached to the end, and that attachment is what will latch onto your disc as you attempt to pull it back.


  1. String Retriever – This is designed to function like a grappling hook, in that the “hook” (in some cases it looks more like a cage) is attached to the end of a rope. You will throw the hook end into the water and try to get that latched onto your disc. Once it has a good hold of your disc golf disc, you pull the rope towards you.


Some disc golf retriever brands include an assortment of attachments so your retriever is versatile enough to be used in different obstacles.


You want to make sure you have a reliable disc retriever to get you out of a sticky situation safely and with your dignity intact. So which disc golf retriever should you buy?


To make it a bit easier for you to decide, here are four of the best disc golf retrievers available in the market today.



Top 4 Best Disc Golf Retrievers


  1. InZone Kwik-Stick XXL Disc Golf Retriever Pole



Is your precious plastic ring stuck in a bush, a giant tree, or in the middle of a pond? The InZone

Kwik-Stick Disc Retriever will save it!


This is one of the most well-known pole retrievers and even some major names in the disc golf world, like Paul McBeth and Ricky Wysocki, use the Kwik-Stick (according to the InZone website).


The pole reaches up to 22 feet, but you can collapse it down to only 18 inches and pack it neatly in your bag. It has a patented frame head that is adjustable and removable and can be swapped with a hook attachment. This allows for more versatility in getting the right grip, length, and angle when retrieving discs.


It is light enough that your arms won’t tire too easily and strong enough that it can push branches blocking your reach.


  1. Bird Dog Disc Golf Retriever Pole


Bird Dog Disc Golf Retriever Pole - XL 15 Foot extendable Pole - Durable Stainless Steel Frame - Top Disc Golf Accessory to Retrieve Discs in Water, Trees, Rocks, Bushes Drawstring Bag Included
  • 15 Feet Extension Pole - Made of Surgical Stainless Steel, RED head is easily screwed on & off to make it easier to carry in Disc Golf Bags. Birdi Disc Golf Grabber for water hazards is a great gift to expand your disc golf equipment.
  • Never Lose Discs Again - With this Disc Golf Retriever Stick for water or any hazard, you will have all disc golfers asking where you got your Bird Dog
  • Comes with 3 Screw on Attachments - The Patented Bird Dog attachment, double hook, as well as a small hook attachment. Be prepared for any situation while out on the course!
  • Great Disc Golf Accessory- The Pole will pay for itself with all the discs that are saved using it.
  • Bird Dog Retriever Pole - Is Easily Transportable in Disc Golf Bags & Carts


This stainless steel pole extends up to 15 feet and comes with three different attachments although some models come only with two.


Many disc golfers who have used the Bird Dog commend how easy it is to locate and retrieve their discs even in murky waters. And, even when it is fully extended, it doesn’t snap and can steadily manage the weight of different kinds of disc golf discs.


The Bird Dog retriever is also easy to install and disassemble and comfortably fits in almost all types of bags.


  1. Hive Disc Claw Disc Retriever


Hive Disc Golf Accessories Disc Claw Retriever (Yellow)
  • Easily retrieve your disc from a hazard
  • Heavy duty metal construction
  • Easily folds into a compact unit
  • Safety ring to help prevent slippage


When you need to fish your disc out of the water, it is time to bring out your Hive Disc Claw retriever. This string retriever is unique because it uses claws instead of a full-width frame to grab the disc. This design allows you to try more angles and you won’t end up raking in as much mud, silt, or debris from the water. Plus, the safety ring at the end of the rope (where you hold it) gives you a better grip so you don’t end up losing the rope, retriever, disc, and your dignity altogether.


The compact and collapsible design makes it easy to pack even on the go.


  1. Infinite Discs Rescue Retriever


Infinite Discs Rescue Retriever - Telescopic Pole for Disc Golf
  • Extended Length is 16 Feet
  • Collapsed Length is 22 Inches
  • Comfortable Grip Handle
  • Bright, Double-Hook Head


While it tends to be a bit heavier compared to other pole retrievers out in the market today, Infinite Discs pole retriever makes up for it in stability and durability. The stainless steel pole has a double hook attachment that is handy when grabbing discs from trees, shrubs, and even water hazards. The hook can snag the disc from the top by snagging the edge or from underneath by holding on to the rim’s underside.


It has a good reach of 16 feet when fully extended. Even when stretched to its full length, you can still have a good grip on this pole retriever thanks to its comfortable handle.



Choosing A Disc Golf Retriever

Choosing the right disc golf retriever involves considering a few essential factors to ensure you pick a tool that fits your needs and helps you recover discs effectively. Here’s a guide to help you make the best choice:

Reach and Length: Look for a retriever with sufficient reach to recover discs from a variety of distances and terrains. Telescopic retrievers offer adjustable lengths, allowing you to customize the reach based on your preferences.

Durability: Opt for a retriever made from sturdy materials that can withstand wear and tear. Since retrievers may be exposed to water, mud, and rough conditions, durability is crucial for long-lasting performance.

Portability: Consider the portability of the retriever. Choose one that can easily fit into your disc golf bag without adding significant weight or taking up too much space.

Grip and Design: Look for a retriever with a comfortable grip and user-friendly design. Some retrievers come with a specialized disc-grabbing mechanism, making it easier to hook discs and bring them back to you.

Price: Set a budget for your retriever purchase, keeping in mind that higher-quality and feature-rich retrievers may come at a higher price. Balance your requirements with the cost to find the best option within your budget.

Ultimately, the best disc golf retriever for you will depend on your individual playing style, the types of courses you frequent, and your personal preferences. By considering these factors and researching available options, you can confidently select a retriever that becomes your go-to tool for disc recovery on the course. With the right retriever in hand, you’ll be ready to face any disc-retrieval challenge and keep your beloved discs safely within reach!



As we reach the end of our journey through the world of disc golf retrievers, I hope you now see the incredible value these handy tools bring to the game. A reliable disc golf retriever can be the key to preserving your disc collection and ensuring that those wayward throws no longer spell the end of a cherished disc. With these retrievers by your side, you can approach each round with newfound confidence, knowing that even the most challenging disc retrieval situations are no match for your trusty gear.

Moreover, if you have a fellow disc golfer in your life, a retriever makes a great gift! It’s the perfect present for any disc golf enthusiast and will undoubtedly be appreciated as a thoughtful and practical addition to their gear. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or just a gesture of goodwill, a disc golf retriever makes a fantastic gift that shows you understand their passion for the game.

So, let’s celebrate the joy of keeping our discs safe and sound, all thanks to the wonders of disc golf retrievers. These little heroes deserve a special place in every disc golfer’s heart and bag. As you hit the course armed with your retriever, you’re not just saving discs; you’re saving memories, enjoyment, and the essence of what makes disc golf such a remarkable and unforgettable sport.

Embrace the convenience and effectiveness of these disc-saving tools, and let them be your trusty companions on the course. The next time a disc takes an unexpected detour, you’ll be ready to spring into action and reclaim it with ease. Happy disc golfing, and here’s to many rounds of successful disc retrievals!


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