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Best Prodigy Disc Golf Discs

Top Prodigy Disc Golf Discs

Best Prodigy Disc Golf Discs: My Personal Recommendations


If you have been a disc golf fan, you probably heard of the brand Prodigy. Today’s disc golf series is dedicated to the best Prodigy disc golf discs released in the market.

If you are shopping for Prodigy discs whether for beginners or advanced players, here is the list of the brand’s disc golf discs to look for. Being equipped with the skills, knowledge, and the right discs in the sport will come a long way in terms of game development.

We have rounded the best Prodigy disc golf discs for your convenience. Refer below for the specifications and advantages of each model.

Prodigy Discs Models

Prodigy is relatively new in this niche sport compared to other names. The brand released its first disc golf disc back in 2013 and has released over 30 discs since then. Although considered less known compared to brands like Innova and Discrafts, avid disc golf players at least have one disc golf disc from Prodigy.

Prodigy has gained a following because its discs consistently fly the same way. Every purchase of a Prodigy disc guarantees it will fly as expected. Besides, Prodigy follows an easy-to-understand naming convention with each disc marked with a single letter and a number representing the disc type and how stable the disc is.

Also, the discs are designed with unique rims providing comfort in the hands and ease when throwing. And if you love vibrant and candy colors, Prodigy got it all handled.

Prodigy has a great selection of disc golf discs that beginners and experienced players love like the models below.


Best Prodigy Disc Gold Discs – Putters Category


Prodigy P Model S


Prodigy Disc Basegrip P Model S | Stable Disc Golf Putter | Great Performance in All Weather Conditions | Straight Flight with Subtle Fade | Colors May Vary (170-175g)
  • ABOUT THE P MODEL S - This disc may have more glide than any other putter on the market coupled with a straight flight and subtle fade
  • HOW IT FLIES - The glide makes it a great putter, as it stays in the air to find chains from short and longer distances. It also has a soft fade, so you can trust it is going to finish toward the basket
  • ABOUT THE PLASTIC - Our BaseGrip plastic offers a tactile feel for a sure grip every time you reach for it. It finds a great balance between stiffness and the ability to wear-in to perfection. BaseGrip plastic provides a cost-effective option without sacrificing on quality and performance in all weather conditions
  • FLIGHT NUMBERS - The P Model S is rated as Speed 3 | Glide 5 | Turn 0 | Fade 2. Its comfortable grip, impressive glide, and reliability will make it an instant favorite
  • STAMP & DISC COLOR MAY VARY - Please note that when you purchase the P Model S that you will receive a random stamp and color disc


This disc is primarily used as a putt and approach recommended for all skill levels. With its high 5-rate glide and low speed, the Prodigy P Model S is a reliable putter that would stay in any line you want to put it in. For a price of below $10, this disc would help make the most of your disc golf practice.

It has a 1.2cm beaded rim depth and a flat top for a nice grip allowing you to do a power throw. Throw it on a hyzer and this disc will stay like that throughout its flight.

Meanwhile, the disc holds pretty well when thrown in anhyzer as long as it is on the right angle. Power throwers can expect Prodigy P Model S to be a quite straight flyer that would turn right a bit down before fading back into the line.


Prodigy P Model US


Prodigy Disc Ace Line Glow Base Grip P Model US Putter Golf Disc [Colors May Vary] - 170-175g
  • Colors may vary
  • Ace Line Glow Base Grip Plastic
  • Flight Ratings: Speed 3, Glide 5, Turn -1, Fade 1


The Prodigy P Model US is .1cm taller than the S model but of the same diameter. With its high glide and low speed, the disc is the best you can get for a price ranging from $8 – $16. P Model US is the putter of choice when you need a neutral approach, for soft hyzer, or soft straight shots. The disc also handles wind better and will not turn over. P Model US has a 1.5cm rim depth, just enough for a power grip.

The Best Prodigy Disc Golf Discs – Mid Range Category


Prodigy M Model US


Prodigy Disc Ace Line Glow Base Grip M Model US Midrange Golf Disc [Colors May Vary] - 177-180g
  • Colors may vary
  • Ace Line Glow Base Grip Plastic
  • Flight Ratings: Speed 4, Glide 5, Turn -1, Fade 1


Prodigy M Model US is a consistent straight flyer with almost no fade, the disc everyone would want to have on the disc golf course. It has a smooth 1.3cm wide and not too deep rim for easy hold and clean release when throwing the disc.

The disc has almost no fades even when doing short shots. You can throw the M Model US at 300 feet and surprisingly, it can finish straight or without worrying about any turnover.

With the disc’s comfortable grip, you can control the disc. The only downside about this model is that the disc is easily scratched upon ground impact, particularly when thrown too hard.


Prodigy M Model S


Prodigy Disc DuraFlex M Model S | Stable Disc Golf Midrange | Great for Straight to Overstable Drives & Approaches | Grippy & Gummy Plastic | Very Durable | Colors May Vary (176-180g)
  • ABOUT THE M Model S - Everybody needs a workhorse in the woods, and the M Model S is it. It has a neutral to slightly overstable flight with little turn and slight fade to help players throw different shot shapes by changing the release angle.
  • STABLE & RELIABLE FLIGHT - With a slightly larger diameter than drivers, M Model discs are designed for control and provide a great tool for players to learn different disc flights on both drives and approach shots.
  • GRIPPY PLASTIC FOR COMFORTABLE GRIP - A good premium plastic is durable enough to stand the test of time and the elements while still providing excellent grip.
  • FLIGHT NUMBERS - The M3 AIR is rated as Speed 6 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 3. This makes it a great disc for beginners and pros alike. Whatever your skill level, the M Model S will fit in your disc golf bag.
  • STAMP & DISC COLOR MAY VARY - Please note that when you purchase the Prodigy M Model S that you will receive a random stamp and color disc.


Designed as an overstable mid-range disc, the Prodigy M Model OS is a reliable disc for intermediate players. When we say reliable, this disc flies consistently under any wind condition without a miss. M Model OS is an excellent disc for approach shots with slow fades. A headshot though, this model is not comfortable for forehand or backhand shots but a fairly good disc choice if you want to work on the forms of your shots.

However, it would be worth noting that Prodigy M Model US is controllable if you are an immediate player but not recommended for control and comfort for beginners.


The Best Prodigy Golf Discs – Distance Drivers Category


Prodigy D Model OS


Prodigy Disc Ace Line Glow DuraFlex D Model S Distance Driver Golf Disc [Colors May Vary] - 170-175g
  • Colors may vary
  • Ace Line Glow in the Dark DuraFlex Plastic
  • Flight Ratings: Speed 13, Glide 6, Turn 0, Fade 2


More experienced disc golfers would want to have Prodigy D Model OS in their disc bags that can handle a 400 feet flight with ease. Being one of the best Prodigy golf discs, D Model OS is the perfect complement for headwinds, when you throw it on anyhzer angle; it holds the exact angle pretty well for a long time. The same with hyzer, the disc glides for quite a long time before thrusting down.

The 2.2cm rim width may not be that comfortable but the Prodigy D Model OS is a pretty good choice if you want a disc that covers a good distance without flipping at all.



Disc Golf Discs Buying Guide

In disc golf, there are different types of discs used to perform different shots and there are hundreds of brands and models available making the selection process difficult. When choosing the right disc golf discs, you need to consider the type of disc that you need.

Once you determine if you need a putter, mid ranger, or distance driver, you then check the kind of material used that is best suited for the main purpose of your disc. Another thing to consider is the weight, as this greatly affects the flight of the discs.

For example, a lightweight disc is appropriate for young players and beginners while mid-weight discs are suitable for competing players.


Should You Get Prodigy Disc Golf Discs?

As mentioned, Prodigy is less popular compared to other brands but the company has produced an impressive collection of disc golf discs. Prodigy carries great a assortment of discs that all disc golf players of any skill level love. Most disc golf players love to carry different selections of discs from different brands and Prodigy has some of the best golf disc models in the market.

Prodigy provides high quality disc golf discs and the best Prodigy disc golf discs are supported by some of the best professional players in the sport. Available in varying stability, plastic materials and blends, and colors, Prodigy discs are worth buying.



The best Prodigy disc golf discs mentioned above are just suggestions and could give the answers to your disc golf gaming needs. If you find the features and descriptions comfortable, any of the suggested best Prodigy Disc golf discs can be your reliable partner as you progress in this niche sport.

To become good at disc golf, you need to have the right disc golf discs to help you develop the skills and techniques required to get you towards your disc golf goals.

Hopefully, these suggested best Prodigy disc golf discs will narrow down your search and reduce the time spent scouring through the Internet to find the one that best suits your preference. Also be sure to check out my post on the best Discraft discs. Happy Golfing everyone!



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