Best Sidearm Disc Golf Discs Compared

Best Sidearm Disc Golf Discs

The Best Forehand (Sidearm) Disc Golf Discs

Hey there, sidearm slingers and disc golf warriors! If you’ve mastered the art of the sidearm throw or are eager to unleash the power of this impressive technique, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’re diving into the world of the best sidearm discs – those trusty flying companions that will make your sidearm shots soar with precision and finesse.

As a fellow disc golf enthusiast who’s fallen in love with the sidearm throw, I know the sheer joy of watching those discs slice through the air with laser-like accuracy. But let’s be honest – not all discs are created equal when it comes to the sidearm technique. That’s why we’ve scoured the disc golf world to find the discs that are tailor-made for the sidearm throw – discs that will unleash your full potential and elevate your game to epic heights.

Whether you’re a seasoned sidearm veteran or just beginning to explore the power of this throwing style, get ready to discover the best sidearm discs that will become your go-to weapons on the course. We’ll break down their flight characteristics, highlight their unique features, and provide some pro tips to help you harness their full potential. So, fellow sidearmers, let’s tee off on this exciting journey and uncover the discs that will have us conquering fairways and dominating the game with our unstoppable sidearm prowess! Get ready to unleash your inner disc golf hero, because with these discs in your arsenal, the sky’s the limit for your sidearm throws!

Best sidearm Discs

The Key Difference Between Forehand and Backhand


Maximizing distance in disc golf requires high release velocity to generate both forward motion and lift, as well as high rotational inertia to maintain stable flight for as long as possible.

While many players find they generate more release velocity when throwing forehand, testing has demonstrated that a forehand release produces (on average) 25% less spin than a backhand motion with similar release velocity.


This relative lack of spin causes two problems:


  1. Reduced total flight time due to loss of stable flight
  2. Off-axis torque, or “wobble,” which reduces flight distance through both wasted motion and reduced aerodynamic performance.

“Wait, I throw a forehand drive farther than a backhand drive. How does that work?”


Simple — if a player can generate enough additional release velocity using a forehand motion (compared to their backhand throw), the disc will still fly father, even if the total time in flight is less.


Lets pretend you can throw a 70mph forehand drive vs. a 65mph backhand drive.  Even though the backhand’s stability kept it airborne for a full second longer, the forehand drive still traveled 12.6 feet farther due to its higher flight velocity. Now….what if we could keep the forehand drive in flight for the full 8 seconds?


Increasing Flight Time to Increase Distance

To maximize forehand flight distance, we must extend the duration of its stable flight time, and to extend its stable flight time we must increase its rotational inertia.  Here’s where science lends a hand.

Rotational inertia can be increased three ways:

  1. Increase the rate of spin (rotations per minute)
  2. Increase the diameter of the disc
  3. Increase the percentage of total weight located near the disc’s perimeter

Because #1 is limited by the forehand throwing motion, and almost all drivers fall within a very slim diameter range (#2), the solution to increasing rotational inertia is #3, using a disc with most of the weight concentrated around the perimeter, i.e., high Speed, wide-rim drivers.

The perimeter weighting of high-Speed drivers will also serve to reduce or even eliminate flutter from off-axis torque.


Increasing Torque Resistance to Reduce Flutter

Overstable discs are aerodynamically designed to resist the torque that creates understable flight.  This torque resistance also serves to quickly stabilize in-flight flutter caused by off-axis torque.

If the flutter a player is experiencing is moderate to severe, using a heavier gram-weight disc will also help reduce flutter.  While we typically recommend lighter discs for maximum distance, the benefits of reducing/eliminating flutter should exceed any potential distance decreases from the additional weight.



Best Forehand Discs For Each Level Of Player


Best For Beginner / Intermediate Players




Manufacturer: Innova
Optimal Weight: 170-175g
Optimal Plastic: Champion

The Firebird’s low profile (1.4cm high) and high mold parting line combine to create highly torque-resistant, overstable flight.  The 1.9cm rim will provide good rotational inertia without being so wide that it is difficult for Intermediate players to use.

Champion plastic is very torque resistant and also produces additional high-speed stability. The 165-175g weighting provides excellent torque resistance, perfect for beginners and intermediates.

See the Firebird’s full Flight Ratings Analysis and Reviews


Best for Intermediate / Advanced Players



Discraft Flick Elite Z Golf Disc, 170-172 Grams
  • Extra long range golf driver
  • Recommended for advanced to expert players
  • Best for forehand drives
  • Discraft stability rating for this disc is 2.5
  • Disc colors will vary


Manufacturer: Discraft
Optimal Weight: 167-172g
Optimal Plastic: Z-Line

Maximum stability and a wider rim (2.1cm) produce optimal torque resistance for forehand throws, but with the aerodynamics and carry to also provide superior flight distance when thrown with power.

Performance is further enhanced when paired with Z-Line plastic (Discraft’s most rigid plastic), giving the Flick superior torque resistance for maximum flight consistency.

See the Flick’s full Flight Ratings Analysis and Reviews


Best for Advanced / Professional Players



MVP Disc Sports Neutron Nitro Disc Golf Distance Driver (170-175g / Colors May Vary)
  • MVP NITRO - The Nitro is a high speed stable-overstable distance driver
  • STABLE-OVERSTABLE DISTANCE DRIVER - Average throwers may need lighter weights or headwinds to achieve what little turn is offered by Nitro, while power throwers will find a workable and responsive shallow turn
  • 23 MM CLASS - Nitro falls in the general stability lineage of Servo, Volt, Tesla, and Photon, with a turn-resistant profile that covers ground and guarantees a fade finish. Speed 13 | Glide 4 | Turn -0.5 | Fade 3
  • NEUTRON PLASTIC - MVP’s most premium material for exceptional look and feel. Shares great durability characteristics of Proton with a wider selection of bright opaque colors.
  • PDGA APPROVED - For all professional disc golf play


Manufacturer: MVP Disc Sports
Optimal Plastic:Neutron
Recommended Weight Class: 160-175g

MVP’s “Gyro” overmold technology takes gyroscopic stabilization and off-axis torque prevention to a level that’s simply not achievable with standard disc technology.

By using a high molecular weight material in the overmolded rim, MVP is able to shift a significant percentage of the disc’s total weight to the rim for maximum stabilization.

Additionally, MVP’s gyro effect delays Fade, resulting in longer, straighter finishes for even more distance. You can check out our other top recommendations for the best mvp disc golf discs here.

If you still haven’t tried an overmold disc, it’s time to start. 

See the Nitro’s Full Flight Ratings Analysis and Reviews


My personal Recommendation – Innova Destroyer

Innova Star Destroyer Distance Driver Golf Disc [Colors May Vary] - 173-175g
  • Colors may vary
  • Star Plastic
  • Flight Ratings: Speed 12, Glide 5, Turn -1, Fade 3
  • Features a Ricky Wysocki 2X World Champion Signature Stamp

Maker: Innova

Optimal Plastic: Star

Recommended Weight: 170-175g

The Innova Destroyer is a legendary high-speed driver that has earned its place as a favorite among disc golfers worldwide. Known for its exceptional distance potential and reliable fade, the Destroyer is a go-to disc for both backhand and forehand throws. This versatile disc is a staple in the bags of top professionals and enthusiasts alike, thanks to its reliable flight path and impressive stability.

With a speed rating of 12, the Innova Destroyer can handle powerful throws, making it ideal for players with advanced arm speeds. Its glide rating of 5 ensures it sustains its flight and covers impressive distances with ease. What sets the Destroyer apart is its predictable fade (rating of 3), which helps control its landing and provides a smooth finish at the end of the flight.


Choosing A Side Arm Disc

Choosing the right sidearm disc involves considering several crucial factors to ensure it complements your throwing style and helps you achieve maximum accuracy and distance. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you find the perfect sidearm disc.


Disc Speed: Look for a disc with a speed rating that matches your sidearm throwing power. If you have a fast and powerful sidearm, consider discs with higher speed ratings (10-14). For those with a slower sidearm, opt for lower-speed discs (7-9) that offer more control and easier handling.

Disc Stability: Sidearm throws tend to have a natural fade at the end of the flight (for right-handed sidearmers). To counter this fade, choose a disc with stable or overstable flight characteristics. Discs with a positive turn number (-1 to 0) and a fade rating of 2 or more will provide reliable fade, helping you control the landing and avoid unwanted turnovers.

Grip and Feel: A comfortable grip is essential for consistent sidearm throws. Consider the disc’s rim and feel it in your hand to ensure it suits your grip style and provides a confident hold during your throws.

Plastic Type: Different plastic blends offer varying degrees of durability and grip. Opt for a plastic type that suits your preferences and the course conditions you frequently play on. Premium plastics like Star or Champion offer increased durability, while softer plastics like GStar or DX provide excellent grip and may beat in over time, becoming more understable.

Try Before You Buy: If possible, test the disc on the field before making a purchase. Many disc golf shops and courses offer disc rental or demo programs, allowing you to try out different discs and find the one that feels most comfortable and suits your throwing style.

Remember that every disc golfer’s sidearm technique is unique, and the best sidearm disc for you may not be the same for someone else. Embrace the journey of experimentation and practice with different discs until you find the one that becomes your trusty sidearm companion on the course. Happy disc golfing and enjoy unleashing the power of your sidearm throws!



As we come to the end of our guide on choosing the perfect sidearm disc, we hope you now feel more confident in selecting a disc that will complement your throwing style and take your sidearm game to new heights.

Remember that finding the right sidearm disc is a process of trial and error. Embrace the journey of discovering the disc that feels like an extension of your arm, providing the precision and power you need to conquer fairways with ease.

As you venture onto the course armed with your new sidearm disc, take the time to practice and refine your technique. Sidearm throws require a unique blend of power, snap, and finesse, so be patient with yourself as you work to master this impressive throwing style.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different discs and plastic blends, as each one may offer a slightly different flight path and feel in your hand. Seek advice from experienced sidearm throwers, watch instructional videos, and engage with the disc golf community to gain valuable insights and tips for improving your sidearm game.

With dedication and practice, your sidearm throws will become a formidable weapon in your disc golf arsenal. Embrace the challenge, enjoy the process of improvement, and revel in the satisfaction of unleashing precise and powerful sidearm shots on the course.

So, fellow sidearmers, go out there and conquer those fairways with confidence and flair. Armed with your carefully chosen sidearm disc, the sky’s the limit for your disc golf journey. Happy disc golfing, and may your sidearm throws be true and triumphant!



I have been playing disc golf for over 15 years. I love sharing my passion for disc golf with others. I created golfswingguru to share my knowledge of the sport and community I love. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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