difference between a frisbee and disc golf disc?

disc golf and frisbee differences explained

What Is The Difference Between A Frisbee And Disc Golf Disc?


The difference between disc golf disc and frisbees Disc golf discs and Frisbees are similar in that they are both round and made of plastic, but they differ in size, weight, and shape. Disc golf discs are usually smaller and heavier than Frisbees, and are designed for distance and accuracy. They also have sharp edges, which allow them to cut through the air, giving them more distance and accuracy than a Frisbee. Frisbees, on the other hand, are designed for recreational use and are much larger, lighter, and softer. They are designed to fly more slowly and gently, making them ideal for casual play and trick shots. However lately the sport of Ultimate Frisbee is becoming more popular with teen and young adults alike. Lets take a deeper look into what makes a frisbee and disc golf disc different.


What makes them different?


Disc Golf Disc                                                                                       Frisbee


Plastic and Weight


Frisbee discs are typically made of a softer plastic than disc golf discs. Frisbees are designed to be thrown with the intent of gliding through the air, while disc golf discs are designed to fly farther and faster. Frisbees are often larger in diameter but lighter, and have a more rounded edge that makes them easier to grip, while disc golf discs are thicker, heavier, and have sharper edges for greater stability in flight.

The average weight of a frisbee is about 150 grams, while the average weight of a disc golf disc is about 175180 grams. The added weight to a disc golf disc is to help with distance and accuracy in throwing.



The diameter of a standard frisbee is approximately 10 inches while the diameter of a disc golf disc is usually between 21 and 24 centimeters.


Frisbee Dimension Chart



Disc Golf Dimensions Chart

disc golf dimensions chart



Flight Characteristics


Flight Characteristics of a frisbee

Frisbees are designed to fly with a combination of lift and drag forces. The lift is created when air passes over the top of the disc, and the drag is created as air passes over the bottom. The lift is created by the curved shape of the top of the disc, which causes the air to move faster over the top than over the bottom, creating a lower pressure region which lifts the frisbee upwards. The drag is created by the flat bottom surface of the disc, which causes the air to move slower, creating a higher pressure region which pulls the frisbee downwards. The combination of the lift and drag forces causes the frisbee to fly in a curved path, with the lift force pulling it upwards and the drag force slowing it down. The frisbee will also spin, which helps to stabilize its flight path and increase its accuracy.


Flight Characteristics of a Golf Disc

Disc golf discs are designed to fly in a specific way depending on their shape, weight, and plastic composition. Generally, a disc will fly straight initially, then will begin to turn over slightly to the left or right, followed by a fade at the end of the flight.

The stability and characteristics of a disc are determined by its rim shape, weight, and plastic type. A wider rim generates more lift, resulting in a straighter flight, whereas a thinner rim provides more stability and a more gradual fade. Heavier discs are more stable and tend to fly straighter and farther, whereas lighter discs are more maneuverable and typically have shorter flight distances. The plastic composition of the disc also has an effect on the flight characteristics. Discs made from softer plastic often have more glide and more turn, whereas discs made from firmer plastic have less glide and less turn.




The distance difference between a frisbee and a disc golf disc is largely based on the type of disc and the flight characteristics of the disc. Generally speaking, a disc golf disc is designed to fly further than a regular frisbee. The plastic material and weight of a disc golf disc allows it to fly with more accuracy and stability than a frisbee, resulting in greater distance.


We did not find any data on the longest frisbee throw ever recorded, but we do know that the world record disc golf throw belongs to David Wiggins. The longest disc golf throw ever recorded was 1,108.9 feet thrown by pro disc golfer David Wiggins Jr. in 2016 at the Primm, Nevada High Desert Distance Challenge.


Are Frisbees allowed in disc golf?

In short yes. If the pdga approves your disc you can use it in a tournament. However, it is recommended to use a disc specifically designed for disc golf. If you are looking to get started in disc golf check out our complete beginners guide to disc golf.



In conclusion, we have explored the key differences between a Frisbee and a disc golf disc, shedding light on their distinct designs, purposes, and applications. While both are flying discs, they serve different functions in various recreational activities.

Frisbees are popular recreational toys used for casual play, leisure, and fun gatherings at parks, beaches, and backyard picnics. They are typically made of lightweight plastic and designed for easy, smooth flights, making them accessible to players of all ages and skill levels.

On the other hand, disc golf discs are specialized sporting equipment designed explicitly for the game of disc golf. They come in a variety of models, each engineered to perform specific flight patterns, such as distance drivers, fairway drivers, mid-range discs, and putters. Disc golf discs are crafted with different plastic blends and varying weights to optimize stability, distance, and control during competitive play on challenging courses.

Understanding the differences between these flying discs allows players to make informed choices when engaging in different activities. Whether you’re seeking casual enjoyment with friends or a competitive disc golf experience, selecting the right type of disc will enhance your overall enjoyment and performance.

So, whether you’re tossing a Frisbee with friends on a sunny afternoon or embarking on an exciting disc golf adventure on a scenic course, may these flying discs bring joy, excitement, and unforgettable memories in every flight. Happy throwing, and may your love for the flying disc continue to soar to new heights!



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