hyzer vs anhyzer detailed explaination

Hyzer vs Anhyzer: A Detailed Explaination


Hyzer vs Anhyzer shot disc golf infographic


Hyzer is a disc golf throw that is released with the disc’s nose angled up toward the sky. This is the opposite of an anhyzer throw, which is released with the disc’s nose angled down. A hyzer throw is the most common type of throw and is used to control the flight of the disc, to make the disc curve to the left (for right-handed backhands) or right (for left-handed backhands). The hyzer angle of the disc is determined by the angle of the disc at release. The greater the angle, the more the disc will curve to the left or right when released.

An anhyzer throw is the opposite of a hyzer throw. The disc is released with the nose angled down towards the ground. This type of throw is used to make the disc turn to the opposite direction of a hyzer throw. An anhyzer throw will make the disc turn to the right (for right-handed backhands) or left (for left-handed backhands). The anhyzer angle of the disc is determined by the angle of the disc at release. The greater the angle, the more the disc will curve to the opposite direction when released.


How to throw a hyzer shot detailed explanation


A Hyzer shot is a type of disc golf shot that involves throwing a disc in a hyzer angle. Hyzer angle is when the leading edge of the disc is lower than the trailing edge when viewed from the side. To throw a Hyzer shot, there are several steps you will need to follow:


Hyzer angle In Disc Golf



1. Start with your disc in a comfortable backhand grip position. Make sure that your arm is at a 90-degree angle with your wrist facing the sky.

2. Move your body into a stable stance. Bend your knees slightly and keep your weight distributed on the balls of your feet.

3. Pull the disc back and up, keeping your arm close to your body. Your thumb should be pointing towards the sky and your forearm should be parallel to the ground.

4. Push your arm forward, releasing the disc with a slight tilt towards the ground. This tilt will cause the disc to fly at a hyzer angle.

5. Follow through with your arm, keeping your wrist straight and your thumb pointing towards the ground.

With practice, you will learn the exact angle and power needed to get the disc to fly correctly. Remember to keep your body stable and your arm close to your body when throwing a Hyzer shot.


hyzer shot flight path:

A hyzer shot is a type of disc golf shot in which the disc is released at an angle, with the leading edge of the disc angled lower than the rear edge. This causes the disc to curve in a controlled manner to the left (for a righthanded thrower). The flight path of the disc will depend on the specific type of disc, the speed and angle of release, and the amount of spin imparted on the disc. Generally, the disc will start off on a flat line and then curve to the left as it loses speed.


How to throw a anhyzer shot


anhyzer angle shot in disc golf

An anhyzer shot is a disc golf throw that starts on an anhyzer angle that tends to curve to the right. It can be used to avoid obstacles or to get around trees.
1. Start by holding the disc up with your arm parallel to the ground. Make sure the disc slightly tilted up.
2. Take a few steps back from the target and grip the disc with your fingers pointing down and your thumb pointing up.
3. Take a few more steps back and bring your arm back. Your arm should be slightly bent and pointing towards the target.
4. When youre ready, bring your arm forward and snap your wrist while releasing the disc. This should cause the disc to spin clockwise and curve to the left.
5. As the disc is flying, you should watch it and adjust your throw accordingly. If the disc is curving too much, you may need to adjust your grip or your arm position. With practice, you should be able to throw an anhyzer shot accurately and consistently.

Anhyzer shot flight path


Anhyzer shots typically have a low, sweeping flight path that curves to the left when thrown with a right-handed backhand throw. The flight path of an anhyzer shot can be compared to a shallow “S” shape, with the disc starting to the left of the target and then curving back to the right before fading back to the left.


The figure below shows throws on anhyzer angle with the top box being an overstable anhyzer shot, the middle box showing a neutral or flat release under-stable shot, and the bottom box shows an understable disc throw on anhyzer.





Short Video On Hyzer Vs Anhyzer



Hyzer Vs Anhyzer Conclusion:


The biggest thing to remember when throwing hyzer or anhyzer is angle of release. It takes time and practice to get consistent results. Once you are about to completely control your hyzer vs anhyzer shots, it will take your game to another level. Be patient and remember to try to practice in an open field. Field practice is much better then trying new shots on the course, as it gives you the ability to throw different angles over and over. If you found this helpful I also recommend checking out another article on different angles. It teaches how to throw hyzer flips and s shots.  I hope this sheds some light on the topic and please feel free to leave a comment below!



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