Best Disc Golf Mid Range Discs

Top Disc Golf Mid Range Discs

Choosing The Best Disc Golf Mid Range


Hey there, fellow disc golfers! If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my time on the fairways, it’s that having the best disc golf mid-range disc in your bag can be a game-changer. These versatile discs offer a perfect balance between distance and control, making them essential tools for tackling those tricky mid-range shots and nailing those crucial approaches to the basket. As a passionate disc golfer myself, I know the joy of finding that one mid-range disc that feels like an extension of your arm, flying true to your intentions with every throw.

In this article, we’re diving deep into the world of mid-range discs to discover some true gems that have earned their place as champions among the vast array of options. From controlled straight shots that weave through tight gaps to confident hyzers and anhyzers, these mid-range discs have been carefully chosen for their exceptional flight characteristics and reliable performance.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just getting started on your disc golf journey, finding the right mid-range disc is a pivotal step in elevating your game. So, let’s embark on this exciting adventure together and explore the best disc golf mid-range discs that will have you conquering the fairways with style and finesse. Get ready to add some sensational mid-range shots to your repertoire and discover that perfect flying companion for your disc golf adventures! Let’s hit the course and see what these mid-range discs have in store for us!

Being cooped up inside homes for many months, most people are now anxious to get back to their usual outdoor activities. Now that health restrictions are lifted (after Covid) and given the go signal to go back to the new normal, many are anxious to go out for a change of scenery.

Playing disc golf is a great sport that can give you that much-needed mental reset. It is the perfect solution if you want an affordable, fun, and healthy sport that you can enjoy and share with the rest of the family.

It is an amazing recreational activity for upper and lower body conditioning, mental stimulation, endurance, and flexibility that will get you occupied on sunny days.

If you are already into this recreational sport, you are certainly not alone. Regardless of your level of expertise, you probably are looking for the best mid-range disc that you can use on your next game.

Today, we will be discussing the best disc golf mid range discs that can are beneficial for beginners and experts.

Top Six Best Mid Range Discs Compared


Mako3 (Crowd Favorite)


INNOVA Star Mako3 175-180g
  • Diameter: 21.7cm
  • Plastic: Star
  • Weight Range: 165-180g
  • Best Choice for: Dead straight shots, Smooth hyzer shots, One disc rounds
  • Colors May Vary


For those who are looking for a straight flyer and limited fade, this disc golf mid range disc is ideal for you. It is slightly faster than the original Mako and always holds the line when thrown at any angle. Beginners can easily get the hang of using it as the Mako3 can be used when getting out of scrambles, driving the basket on approach and even using it as a substitute putter.

Although it is not ideal for trick shots, it is definitely great with line drives. It is a true neutral disc with the zero turn, and zero fade definition. It has very honest shoots as it shows the exact angle that you put it on and it never moves out of it.

However, if you are aiming for maximum distance shots, be careful of ripping the Mako3 disc as it might flip and once it does, it won’t normally stop.

So novice players of Disc Golf can easily relate to this mid range disc as it is great for the next step as an intermediate player. It’s a big help in correcting your form and learning release points and angles as you play the game over time.


Justice by Dynamic Discs


Dynamic Discs Lucid Justice Midrange 170-176g
  • Flight Ratings - Speed: 5, Glide: 3, Turn: 0.5, Fade: 4
  • Plastic: Lucid
  • Weight Range: 160-176g
  • Colors May Vary
  • Made in Sweden


There are several good reasons why you should acquire this disc. The Justice by Dynamic Discs is a utility disc first and foremost. If you want to go to the left, it will take you there regardless of the angle that you have released it on.

Also, being a headwind disc, it can be counted on to hold straight and finish to the left even if the wind is very fierce from the other direction. Another reason of buying this one is that it won’t turnover easily even if your wrist is rolling. Although the Justice disc is not friendly for beginners, you can get the hang of using it within a few practices.


Infinite Discs Chariot (Budget-Friendly)


Infinite Discs Disc Golf Mid-Range I-Blend Chariot (Red, 177-180 Grams)
  • Budget I-Blend Plastic
  • Speed: 5 Glide: 5 Tern: 0 Fade: 1
  • Stamp Colors Vary
  • More details are available at the Infinite Discs website


For this category, two lines from Infinite Discs made it to the list: Infinite Discs Chariot and Infinite Discs Anubis

Infinite Discs Chariot offers an extremely straight flight path with a little fade at the end. For any disc golfer looking for a disc that has a premium feel without breaking the bank, this is the choice to go.

The disc is made of a plastic material called I-Bend which provides a softer feel and splendid glide. The material may have a softer feel but it actually is of good quality, a plastic material that lasts.

If you are looking for a mid-range disc with a small rim, this one is for you. Infinite Discs Chariot comes with a medium-sized rim that would fit in your hand perfectly. Regardless of the size of your hand, the grip can still give you power and control with ease. The microbead that is incorporated into the design gives that much-needed comfort in your hands, giving you more reliance when you throw the disc.

When I was using Chariot, I was able to enjoy hyzer and anhyzer shots. As mentioned, the disc can keep an impressive straight flight for most part of the flight. It flies straight in most conditions with any amount of wind. This affordable mid range disc can work some pretty good distances, too.

How you release the disc, it will fly exactly how it is. Infinite Discs Chariot is reliable, consistent, and stable, a must-have for new players who want to practice angle control. Plus, the disc is super budget friendly. For a price below $15, you can now have a glorious mid range disc.


Infinite Discs Anubis


Infinite Discs Anubis Disc Golf Straight Mid Range I-Blend (Red, 173-176 Grams)
  • Straight Flying Easy to use Midrange
  • This is a straight flying midrange. Providing a precise and accurate midrange. This high glide and low fade midrange make it a versatile tool in the hands of a beginner or a seasoned disc golfer.
  • I-Blend is an affordable plastic that offers a similar feel to premium plastic.
  • Flight Numbers: Speed 5, Glide 4, Turn 0, Fade 0
  • Color shade and stamp color varies


This one from the Infinite line is best recommended for newbies looking for a straight mid range flyer. What makes this mid range disc amazing is its versatility when it comes to performing different angles. Whether you throw hyzer or anhyzer, Infinite Discs Anubis can hold the angle until it touches the ground.

For shots that need accuracy and distance, Anubis is the perfect disc. For newbies and experienced disc golf players that need the best disc golf mid range at an affordable price, I recommend Infinite Discs Anubis.

The disc is shaped in a way that fits comfortably in the hands because of its moderate dome. Being a straight flyer, you do not have to throw the disc hard so it stays on the line. That said, Infinite Discs Anubis provides accuracy even for longer shots.

The disc, like Chariot, is made of I-Bend transparent plastic designed with a small rim, moderate dome, and rounded edges providing that very comfortable grip.

Disc golfers with small hands will love Anubis because the shape of the rim fits exactly in the hand. Getting used to the grip and more practice, the disc is perfect for getting around obstacles.

Throwing hyzer holds the angle pretty well and finishes softly. Meanwhile, Anubis also holds anhyzer, but how hard you throw will determine when it fights out or pan to flat. For beginners who want a workable and controllable for a price of around $13 (discounted rate), add Infinite Discs Anubis to your list.


Axiom Hex (Top Rated)


Axiom Discs Neutron Hex Disc Golf Midrange (170-175g / Colors May Vary)
  • AXIOM HEX - The Hex is a slightly understable, straight-flying midrange driver
  • NEUTRAL-UNDERSTABLE MIDRANGE - The Hex is known for its glide and remarkably straight flight for both new and experienced players
  • 13 MM CLASS - Speed 5 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 1
  • NEUTRON PLASTIC - Axiom’s most premium material for exceptional look and feel. It shares the great durability characteristics of Proton with a wider selection of bright opaque colors
  • PDGA APPROVED - For all professional disc golf play


The Axiom Hex is a mid range disc that everyone is looking for when it comes to versatility and stability. The disc is prominent for shot shaping. It has the reputation of being able to handle all skill levels and every type of arm speed.

Axim Hex is also a performer in terms of durability. Made of Neutron plastic, it has a very good rim for the hand and an awesome flat top that allows it to fly much straighter for most players including novice players or those with lightly slower arms.

Most users rated Axiom Hex to work well in different playing conditions because of its less fade. If you are looking for a reasonably priced mid range disc that is versatile, Axiom Hex is the golf disc that you will want to try.


Discraft Buzzz (My Choice)


Discraft Buzzz Elite Z Golf Disc, 177-plus Grams
  • Mid-range golf driver
  • Recommended for all skill levels
  • Best for accuracy in all conditions
  • Discraft stability rating for this disc is 0.5
  • Disc colors will vary


Discraft Buzzz being on the buyer’s choice list is not surprising. First, Buzzz is one of the most popular mid range if not the best in the world. The majority of novice and experienced disc golfers in the world has a Buzzz in their bag.

For the past years, Discraft Buzz has been dominating the market in terms of sales. Even with so many names and discs released, there is no other disc near the performance of Buzz. Thank you for its stability, reliability, and consistency, Buzzz deserves to be the consistent editor’s and buyers’ choice list.

One thing that makes this disc really special is that it flies super straight. Throw the disc on anhyzer or hyzer and it will hit any line exactly how you want it, any time.

For any beginner who wants to practice and grow in disc golf whether professionally or recreationally, Buzzz is easy to throw. Beginners starting only with one disc should have Discraft Buzz in their bag.

Whether you are looking for the best disc golf mid range or best disc golf mid range 2022, Discraft Buzzz is worth a try. Buzzz is easily shaped for that amazing feel in the hand.

It also comes in different plastic materials providing disc golfers the choice that feels right for their needs. With the wide availability of options, this means that you can get a reliable disc for an affordable price.

Buzzz has been consistent in terms of hitting the line that you are after no matter how powerful or light you throw the disc. Discraft has a proven reputation of 30 years of consistency and up to now, they never fail. Overall, the best disc golf mid range award goes to Discraft Buzz.


What Makes A Great Mid Range Disc?


A good disc golf mid-range is a crucial asset in any player’s bag, offering a delicate balance of distance, control, and versatility. As players progress in their disc golf journey, they quickly realize the invaluable role that mid-range discs play in navigating the fairways with precision and finesse. Let’s delve into the key attributes that define what makes a mid-range disc truly exceptional.


Controlled Flight Path: The hallmark of a good mid-range disc is its ability to hold a consistent and controlled flight path. Unlike high-speed drivers that can be difficult to manage for less experienced players, mid-range discs offer more manageable speeds and stability, allowing for accurate throws and predictable flight patterns. They are designed to fly straight with minimal turn and fade, making them perfect for those crucial approach shots and tight fairway maneuvers.

Versatility: A reliable mid-range disc should be versatile enough to handle a variety of shot shapes and distances. Whether you need a gentle anhyzer to navigate around obstacles or a smooth hyzer to tackle dogleg fairways, a good mid-range disc can handle it all. Its balanced design allows players to experiment with different angles and techniques while maintaining control and consistency.

Comfortable Grip: How a disc feels in your hand significantly influences your throw. A good mid-range disc should offer a comfortable grip, allowing for a confident and controlled release. The rim’s depth and the texture of the disc’s plastic can impact how well it sits in your hand, so finding a comfortable fit is crucial for achieving the desired flight path.

Dependable Stability: While mid-range discs are generally more stable than high-speed drivers, there is a range of stability within this category. A good mid-range disc should offer a predictable flight, whether it’s a straight flyer, a slightly overstable disc that resists turning, or an understable disc that glides on gentle curves. Understanding the stability of your mid-range discs empowers you to shape shots with precision and confidence.

Approach and Putting Potential: A quality mid-range disc can also double up as an effective approach and putting tool. When you need to finesse those crucial approach shots to get closer to the basket, a mid-range disc can prove invaluable. Additionally, some players may even use a mid-range disc for long-range putts, as they offer more control and a gentler fade than putters.

A good disc golf mid-range is a player’s secret weapon on the fairways, providing a blend of control, versatility, and comfort that becomes invaluable during every round. As you explore the world of mid-range discs, consider the flight characteristics, versatility, grip, stability, and its potential for approach and putting shots. Finding that perfect mid-range disc that complements your playing style can lead to more accurate shots, greater confidence on the course, and an enhanced overall disc golf experience.



I hope you’ve gained valuable insights into what makes these flying wonders so essential to your game. The mid-range disc category truly exemplifies the delicate balance between distance and control, offering players a versatile tool for maneuvering through any course’s challenges with finesse and precision.

Remember, the key to finding the perfect mid-range disc lies in understanding your playing style, mastering the flight characteristics of each disc, and building that unbreakable bond with the one that feels like an extension of your arm. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out different mid-range discs to discover which ones suit your throws and approaches best.

With the right mid-range disc in your bag, you’ll gain the confidence to take on tight fairways, hit those crucial approaches with accuracy, and even fine-tune your putting game from longer distances. The mid-range discs we’ve explored in this article have earned their place among the best for their controlled flights, versatility, comfortable grips, and dependable stability. Each one has the potential to become a reliable and trustworthy companion on your disc golf journey.

As you continue to hone your skills and explore the many facets of disc golf, remember that every throw is an opportunity to grow and improve. Embrace the challenges, celebrate the victories, and cherish the camaraderie shared with fellow players on the course. Disc golf is not just a sport but a community united by the love of the game and the joy of the flight.

So, let’s carry these lessons and newfound knowledge with us on every disc golf adventure, always seeking to improve, have fun, and push the boundaries of our abilities. May your mid-range discs guide you through every fairway, every approach, and every putt with grace and accuracy. Happy disc golfing, and may your flights always be true!

Also check out my article on the best distance drivers!

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  • Made in Sweden

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