Discraft Predator Disc Review

Discraft Predator Disc Review: Unleash Your Power on the Fairway


As a dedicated disc golfer, finding the right disc that suits your throwing style and delivers consistent performance is crucial. One disc that has gained popularity among players of all skill levels is the Discraft Predator. In this comprehensive review, we’ll dive deep into the features and performance of the Discraft Predator disc, helping you determine if it’s the right addition to your disc golf arsenal.


Discraft Big Z Predator Fairway Driver Golf Disc [New Stamp] [Colors May Vary] - 173-174g
  • Colors may vary
  • Big Z Plastic
  • Stability Rating: 2.5
  • Flight Ratings: Speed 9, Glide 4, Turn 1, Fade 4
  • New Artwork for 2020.


Overview of the Discraft Predator

Discraft has long been a respected name in the disc golf community, known for their high-quality discs. The Discraft Predator lives up to the brand’s reputation, offering exceptional flight characteristics and versatility on the fairway. The Predator comes in various plastic types, including ESP, Z Line, and Titanium, each with its own unique feel and durability. This disc is a very good option for an over-stable driver and great for hyzer or control shots. It resists wind due to its higher stability and is an option many pro players throw.


Key Features and Design

The Discraft Predator boasts flight ratings of Speed 9, Glide 4, Turn 0, and Fade 4. These ratings indicate that it is a high-speed disc with a reliable fade at the end of its flight. The disc’s design features a wide rim and a relatively shallow depth, allowing for a comfortable grip and consistent releases. Additionally, the thumb track on the top of the disc enhances grip and control, especially during forehand throws.


Discraft Predator Flight Path

discraft predator disc review



Performance on the Fairway

When it comes to distance, the Discraft Predator shines. With its high-speed design, the disc can achieve impressive throws, allowing you to reach those long-range targets with ease. Its stability and reliable fade make it a great choice for accurate shots, even in windy conditions. Whether you’re an experienced player or just starting out, the Predator offers excellent control and precision. Some molds of the Predator can be a bit over-stable for some newer players, but if that is what you are looking for the Predator shines.


Versatility and Shot Selection

The Discraft Predator is a versatile disc that caters to different throwing styles. It performs exceptionally well in both forehand and backhand throws, making it suitable for a wide range of players. The disc’s stability and dependable fade enable players to execute various shot types, including flex shots and long hyzers. With its reliable fade, the Predator is also a reliable option for approaches and short-range shots.


User Reviews and Feedback

Don’t just take our word for it. Disc golfers worldwide have praised the Discraft Predator for its exceptional performance. Many users highlight its ability to maintain a consistent flight path and handle windy conditions effectively. Some players particularly appreciate the disc’s reliability and predictability, making it a go-to choice for tournament play. While there are some occasional concerns about the disc’s over-stability for beginners, experienced players find it to be a valuable addition to their bag.


Comparisons with Other Discs

When comparing the Discraft Predator to other popular fairway drivers, it stands out for its unique combination of speed, stability, and reliable fade. While discs like the Innova TeeBird and Dynamic Discs Felon offer similar flight characteristics, the Predator’s thumb track and exceptional wind resistance make it a standout option. For players seeking a reliable fairway driver with consistent fade, the Discraft Predator is a top contender.



The Discraft Predator lives up to its name by being a powerful and reliable disc on the fairway. With its high-speed design, stability, and dependable fade, it offers exceptional distance, control, and accuracy. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner honing your skills, the Predator’s versatility and performance make it a valuable addition to any disc golf bag. Consider adding the Predator to your arsenal and unleash your power on the fairway.

Remember, disc golf is a game of skill, practice, and personal preference. While the Discraft Predator may be an excellent choice for many players, it’s essential to try different discs and find the one that suits your throwing style and feels comfortable in your hand. Happy disc golfing!



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