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Top Disc Golf Brands

Quick Guide to the Best Disc Golf Brands: An Inside Look


Thanks to the rising popularity of disc golf, players have more options than ever when shopping for the best discs. With so many brands, colors, and designs available, you can easily step into a disc golf store and walk out with an armload of plastics. You can also be tempted to just go with the most affordable one or the latest plastic that disc golfers are raving about.

If this sounds like this could be you, pause. Breathe. This guide is here to help you choose the best disc golf discs from the best disc manufacturers.

These disc golf brands have been crafting top-notch plastics and molds for decades and have made a reputation for themselves among professional disc golfers and hobbyists. They also make discs that are approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA).


Best Disc Golf Brands


  1. Innova



Even if you are just a beginner disc golf player, you will most likely have heard about Innova discs. This manufacturer is considered to be one of the best and most popular in the sport. Their product line offers something for everyone – newbies or pros, kids or adults, and those who prefer classic plastics or the latest innovative designs.


If you are a beginner, the Innova Disc Golf Set is a great starter kit because it already comes with a putter, midrange, and driver. All three discs are PDGA-approved and molded using DX plastic.


Top Disc Golfers Who Use Innova Discs:


  • Ken Climo – 12-time World Champion
  • Rick Voakes – 10-time World Champion
  • Barry Schultz – 2-time World Champion
  • David Wiggins Jr – World Record Distance Holder
  • Crazy John Brooks – Disc Golf and Frisbee Legend


Popular Innova Disc:


  • Innova Destroyer (Distance Driver) – Many pros consider this to be the best overall disc golf disc because it performs excellently in all types of weather and even against headwinds.



  1. Discraft



Since its launch in 1978, Discraft has been winning over amateur and professional disc golfers alike. If you are looking for consistency, speed, and discs that are easy to handle and learn, this is the brand for you.


Many players consider this disc golf disc manufacturer to be a true master in crafting top-notch plastics using a variety of molds. Discraft has an excellent selection of midranges that make reliable flights. Plus you have an assortment of bright colors to make your disc golf disc set look even more interesting and fun.


Top Disc Golfers Who Use Discraft Discs:


  • Paige Pierce – 5-time World Champion and Highest Rated Women All Time
  • Alexis Mandujano – Junior I and Junior II World Champion
  • Paul Mcbeth – 2022 PDGA World Champion and Six-time World Champion
  • Paul Ulibarri – 106 Career Wins


Popular Discraft Disc:





  1. Dynamic Discs



Also known as DD, this disc golf disc brand was created out of necessity. Jeremy Rusco was a college student who was just starting to learn the ropes playing disc golf. He really enjoyed the game but was struggling to build an acceptable bag of discs on a student budget.


Jeremy came up with an idea to earn a little side money to help pursue his newfound passion. He bought discs, improved them with dyes and his own designs, and then sold them on e-Bay. His cool discs were soon flying off the shelves, and his side hustle turned into a family business with about 50 employees as of date.


Today, many players are completing their own disc bags with Dynamic Discs. DD plastics are considered by many to be reliable in that they offer consistent flight patterns even over long distances. And it isn’t only their consistently high-quality disc golf discs that give them a loyal following. This manufacturer also scores high in customer service.


If you are a disc golfer newbie who is on a budget, Dynamic Discs has an affordable Disc Golf Starter Set that can include three to five pieces. The three-disc set includes a putter, midrange, and distance driver, while the four- and five-piece sets add a high-speed driver and fairway driver.


Top Disc Golfers Who Use Dynamic Discs:

  • Ron Convers Jr – 3-time PDGA Grandmasters World Champion
  • Ricky Wysocki – 2-time PDGA World Champion
  • Paige Shue – 2018 PDGA World Champion
  • Eric McCabe – 2010 PDGA World Champion


Popular Dynamic Disc:


  • Dynamic Sheriff (Distance Driver) – This is easily one of the more recognizable distance drivers from Dynamic because of its unique design and its high-speed flight. It can glide to as far as 400 feet or more (with lots of practice, good form, and the right amount of arm speed). This disc has a wider wing and is comfortable for both a forehand or backhand hold.





  1. MVP Disc Sports



Thanks to the winning shot of James Conrad that made history at the 2021 PDGA World Championship, MVP discs have gained more attention.


But, wait. Didn’t James Conrad throw an Axiom Envy putter disc at the 18th hole? Yes, he did. Axiom happens to be the more experimental brand of MVP Disc Sports.


Even before the amazing shot that was heard around the disc golf world, MVP was already making a name for itself. Players like the overstability and glide, as well as the endurance and speed, maintained throughout long distances by MVP discs.


Top Disc Golfers Who Use MVP Discs:

  • Elaine King – 4-time Women’s World Champion
  • Sarah Hokom – U.S. Women’s Champion
  • James Conrad – 2021 PDGA World Champion


Popular MVP Disc Sports Disc:

  • MVP Motion (Distance Driver) – Made using premium, double mold plastic, the MVP Motion Distance Driver has just the right overstability and lightness to follow the line when you take a wide pan.


It is also perfect for flick shots and backhand tricks to get out of a sticky situation. This made it quite popular among advanced disc golfers who need plastic that can handle stress and get around obstacles.



Choose the Right Trusted Disc Golf Disc Brands


More people are taking interest in the sport of disc golf. It isn’t surprising that more disc golf disc brands and designs are popping up. This just adds to the fun and diversity of the sport.

However, it can make it more challenging to choose the right disc brand, especially if you are still a beginner disc golfer.


Good Tip: Remember to always consider the purpose of and how often you actually use your discs. Do you need something just to enjoy a few holes at the park during weekends? Or do you require a disc golf set that sets you on the right path toward competitive training?


If you are just beginning to collect discs for your kit, it is a good idea to stick with trusted disc golf manufacturers. All four brands mentioned above have budget-friendly options so you don’t have to empty the bank just to practice your throws.

Buying discs from established brands with a reputation for quality products means savings in the long run, anyway. Your plastic will be subject to plenty of wear and tear as you still get the hang of perfecting your flicks and backhand tricks.

That’s why it’s great to have a durable disc that can take on the scuffs and stress so you don’t have to buy a replacement too often.



As we conclude this exploration of the best disc golf brands, it becomes evident that these manufacturers are more than just companies; they are driving forces behind the evolution and growth of the sport we love. Disc golf brands have played a vital role in pushing the boundaries of disc design and technology, constantly innovating to create discs that soar through the air with precision and grace.

Each brand we’ve delved into has its unique strengths and offerings, catering to a wide spectrum of players from beginners to seasoned professionals. Their dedication to quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to the disc golf community have earned them the respect and admiration of players worldwide.

Whether you’re seeking max distance drivers, dependable mid-ranges, or reliable putters, these brands have consistently delivered a diverse array of discs to suit every player’s needs and preferences. Beyond their discs, these brands have fostered a sense of community among disc golfers, connecting players from different backgrounds and skill levels in their shared love for the game.

As you continue your disc golf journey, consider the insights gained from exploring these best disc golf brands. Embrace the diversity and innovation that each brand brings to the table, and don’t hesitate to explore new releases and offerings as they continue to push the boundaries of disc golf technology.

Above all, let’s cherish the camaraderie and sense of unity that the disc golf community embodies. Whether you’re playing for fun, competition, or personal growth, the spirit of sportsmanship and shared passion for the game unites us all.

So, let’s hit the fairways with renewed enthusiasm, armed with knowledge of the best disc golf brands that have shaped the sport we hold dear. May your discs fly true, and may every round be filled with unforgettable moments and the joy of the flight. Happy disc golfing, and may you continue to discover the wonders of this incredible sport with every throw!



I have been playing disc golf for over 15 years. I love sharing my passion for disc golf with others. I created golfswingguru to share my knowledge of the sport and community I love. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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