Discraft Buzzz Disc Review

Discraft Buzzz Disc Review: A Great Disc For Any Bag!


Discraft, from its humble beginnings in a Michigan garage, is now a globally recognized brand in the disc golf sport. Dedicated to providing disc golf products and equipment at the highest level, the Discraft Buzzz disc was created.

Most seasoned disc golf players need no introduction to this disc. Discraft Buzzz is maybe the best mid-range disc golf disc and one of the most known discs in disc golf. The disc was created in 2003 and until today remained a staple in every gamer’s bag.

The Buzzz’s primary selling point is its reliability. Because of its comfortable grip and ease of throw, the disc does its job consistently regardless of the weather condition and ever-changing terrain. Another plus for Buzzz is it is very cheap. For less than $10, you can now start practicing your throw.


Discraft Buzzz Elite Z Golf Disc, 177-plus Grams
  • Mid-range golf driver
  • Recommended for all skill levels
  • Best for accuracy in all conditions
  • Discraft stability rating for this disc is 0.5
  • Disc colors will vary


Buzzz in the Hands of a Beginner

With the growing popularity of disc golf, many have taken an interest in the sport. Newcomers with little to no idea how to throw a disc are given the opportunity to develop good throwing habits with Discraft Buzzz. The disc is versatile that any skill level can utilize but beginners can take advantage of this feature the most.

The Buzzz can hold a straight line even when thrown flat. Even with less or slow arm power, Buzzz can maintain an incredibly straight line for quite some time before it fades. It is a super dependable disc that you can use every practice to analyze its form and develop effective throwing habits.

Considering its 5-speed rating and physical attributes, the disc is a pretty straight flyer and is not affected much by the wind. The disc is available in different blends, each with a slight difference in terms of flight performance.


Buzzz in the Hands of a Pro

Being the gold standard in mid-range disc golf discs, the Buzzz is the go-to disc for straight shots between 250 to 315 feet. Approved by the PDGA in 2003, its average rim depth makes it comfortable for a wider range of players because it fits more comfortably and is easy in more players’ hands.

Rated as a speed 5 disc, 4 glides, -1 turn, and 1 fade, the Buzzz will hold almost any line you put it on. Thrown on a hyzer with minimal power, the disc will gently fade holding the line moving gradually to the left. When thrown flat, the Buzz will turn slightly before gently fading back for a straight shot.

It is one of the first disc golf discs that I own and become a staple immediately. Today, I own Discraft Buzzz in many plastics. And every time I add a new one, it flies exactly the same as the old ones that I got. The Buzzz is on my list of the top disc golf mid ranges ever made.


Flight Path:


Credit: Thedisclab.com


Similar Discs To The Buzzz

If you’re a fan of the Discraft Buzzz, you’re likely drawn to its reliable flight characteristics and versatility. Known for its straight and controllable flight path, the Buzzz has become a staple in many disc golfers’ bags. However, there are several other discs on the market that share similar qualities and can complement the Buzzz in your arsenal.

One disc that often comes up in conversations about alternatives to the Buzzz is the Innova Roc. The Roc is a time-tested classic that has been a favorite of players for decades. Like the Buzzz, the Roc offers a straight flight with minimal fade, making it an excellent choice for accurate mid-range shots. It’s available in various plastics, each providing a slightly different feel and flight characteristics, so you can find the one that suits your preferences.

Another disc that shares similarities with the Buzzz is the Dynamic Discs Emac Truth. Designed in collaboration with disc golf legend Eric McCabe, the Emac Truth provides a dependable and true flight. It offers a straight-to-stable flight, making it suitable for both controlled shots and longer, accurate approaches. This disc is particularly favored by players who appreciate a beadless feel, similar to the Buzzz.

For those looking for a slightly more overstable option that complements the Buzzz, the Discmania MD3 is worth considering. The MD3 provides a touch more stability than the Buzzz, allowing for reliable fade at the end of its flight. This makes it a great choice for handling windy conditions or when you need a disc to hold its line in challenging situations. It’s a go-to disc for many players who love the feel and flight of the Buzzz but want a bit more predictability in their shots.



The Buzzz is a very stable disc showing little to no over or understability. It is more torque resistant compared to other mid-range discs from other brands. Its smooth consistent release results in consistent accuracy making it the best disc for most golfers even pro players from other teams are eyeing trying out Buzzz in their next tournaments.

Whether you are playing disc golf for leisure or a touring pro, Discraft Buzzz will always put a satisfactory smile on your face.




I have been playing disc golf for over 15 years. I love sharing my passion for disc golf with others. I created golfswingguru to share my knowledge of the sport and community I love. I hope you enjoy your visit!

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